Hifi Corp – Poor Quality of the Bed Set

I bought a bed online from HIFI CORP on the 24th of November and it was delivered on the 27th. The delivery guy took pictures but the plastics that covered the bed were not all out and the bed was standing. I placed the bed where it was supposed to be and noticed the mattress […]

Lucid Mattress Fails To Stand Behind Its Products

I have purchased two Lucid mattress toppers through Amazon sales. The first Lucid mattress topper fell apart inside of one month — all the little “nipples” fell off — but since it was within 30 days, I was able to return it with no problem through Amazon. At that time, I noticed that there were […]

Amway Home Kitchen Cleaner Complaint – An Unfortunate Encounter

I recently had the displeasure of experiencing a highly disappointing encounter with Amway Home Kitchen Cleaner. As someone who takes pride in maintaining a clean and hygienic kitchen. I was eager to try out this product, considering its reputed brand and claims of exceptional performance. However, my enthusiasm quickly turned into frustration and regret as […]

They Are Going To Rip You Off For Home And Garden Work

National Floors Direct only deals in cash or M.O. What does that say? You have to pay before they do their home and garden work with no recourse if they damage anything. They lie and make you wait for 9 hrs for installation when they say it’s a 4 hr window. They take your deposit […]

Mr. and Mrs Cline – Unprofessional treatment of a customer

I Purchased an appliance replacement part. Returned it for a refund Got a refund for all but the shipping charges. After several attempts to get the $6.99 shipping charge refunded I was refused by Mr. and Mrs Cline. In this refusal process, two of the business leaders responded. Their responses were condescending, arrogant, pampas and […]