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Mr. and Mrs Cline – Unprofessional treatment of a customer

March 22, 2022
1/5.00 reviews

I Purchased an appliance replacement part. Returned it for a refund Got a refund for all but the shipping charges. After several attempts to get the $6.99 shipping charge refunded I was refused by Mr. and Mrs Cline. In this refusal process, two of the business leaders responded. Their responses were condescending, arrogant, pampas and insulting. I requested an apology.

Here are some of the responses
Respectfully, you do not understand our industry, nor the decisions that we make as a company to implement and enforce policy, so your business advice is most unwelcome, to say the least. It is important for you to understand this, there will be no refund or unnecessary apology from Brian or any other representative of GRP. This will also be the final communication from GRP on this matter. Please do not expect a response on any platform you may choose to try and use to harass us any further. It is our belief that your behavior in this matter has been frivolous and time-consuming.

I can not understand why you feel entitled to receive a refund for the initial 6.99 shipping costs; however, we will not provide you with a refund for this cost of shipping. I also reviewed your support ticket and can affirm that our employees handled your refund and matter correctly.

Moreover, we have already devoted a sufficient amount of time to explain why we do not refund initial shipping costs. At this time, there is, unfortunately, nothing more we can add to justify our decision. This will be our final communication on the matter.

As a result, I have written a complaint to the following 7 consumer advocate groups
(1) BBB, (2) FTC, (3) Attorney General’s office, (4) Business Consumer Alliance, (5) Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, and the local (6) Chamber of Commerce (7) Consumer Interest Organization

Additionally, the business address that they use is a P.O. Box in Mary Esther. According to the county clerk, the only physical address that they have on file is that of Mr. and Mrs Cline (business owners). Also, the warehouse they reference as “their warehouse” is that of Encompass (near Atlanta, Ga) who drop ships for them,


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