Hi-Fi Corporation

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Email :complaints@abacus-insurance.co.za

Phone/Mobile No. :0860 459 459

Website :https://www.hificorp.co.za/

Location :K90 Center, Boksburg Gauteng, South Africa

Westgat HiFi Corporation Returned Disfunctional Cellphone, Refused Fix Nor Refund Me

Westgat HiFi Corporation Order Detail – Hisense E50 Lite HLTE228E Serial number [protected] Ref.no RLR134300 I left the cellphone at Westgat HiFi Corporation on 5th of January 23 at 11 am after only spending less than 3 months and it stopped functioning. Since last month, I have never had joy phoning Westgate customer support, being […]

Hi-Fi Corporation Corruptions

I applied for finance with Hi-Fi Corporation to buy a TV and were told that I need to include the Retrenchment Insurance cover which I agreed to, all went well and the purchase was approved. at first Hi-Fi Corporation then debited my bank account with two installments on 25 July 2019 which I then queried, […]