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Pissed consumer complaint

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PMB is meant for businesses or companies who strongly believe they have been falsely accused or defamed.  The aim is to prevent users under false names to post false or misleading information. Moreover, PMB helps safeguard the brands or company reputation who has been falsely accused. Pissed Consumer Complaints protect consumers’ rights but in the exception of false accusations or libel. These can be:

  • A complete false accusation in that the alleged transaction never took place
  • There is mix up of the events that actually take place with the ones that never took place
  • A case of defamation or libel by a competitor
  • The complainer is under the influence of someone else to post negative reviews( former employee, a disgruntled investor, malicious competitor, etc.)
  • An already resolved issue but the complainer still post a negative review
  • The complainer is at fault but still make a negative review anyway

How it works?

Step 1:
  • Verify your ownership

    Verify that you are the owner of the business or the company that the complaint has been made against. Then, confirm a commercial relationship with the complainer.

  • List the complaints that you found to be false

    Select the complaints that are false accusations or defamatory statements or that are not legitimate.

  • Submit documents and proof to help pissed consumer complaints verify

    Submits documents and proof to show that the statements are false.

Step 2:
Pissed consumer complaints team verifies the legitimacy of the complaints

Our experts (Real Human no Bot or Software) will verify if the complaints are true or not before taking the necessary steps.

Step 3:
Live ticket is issued on the basis of pissed consumer complaint verification

A ticket containing every information in regards to the false allegations is issued for further verification.

Step 4:
Removal of complaints

If the statement or complaints are found to be false, they are deleted or removed from the website. Notification is then sent to the company in regard to the same.

However, if the defamatory statement or complaints are found to be true. The complaints remain on the website and it is in the company’s best interest to get it resolved.