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Hifi Corp – Poor Quality of the Bed Set

December 1, 2023
1/5.00 reviews

I bought a bed online from HIFI CORP on the 24th of November and it was delivered on the 27th. The delivery guy took pictures but the plastics that covered the bed were not all out and the bed was standing. I placed the bed where it was supposed to be and noticed the mattress has a small torn and a spring popped out. I slept on the bed and the bed was very very hard, uncomfortable, I inspected the bed further no the base is fine but the mattress is horrible, it’s like a base and a sponge. I cannot even move my neck and my body is sore, I’m very pissed off and disappointed worst experience.

I regret buying online worse at Hifi Corp but took advantage of the free delivery offer, I wish I went to the store and tested the bed. I have logged a complaint on the 29th via whatsapp: JD complaints :9000326689, no one has called me as promised. I called today and I still told they will call my number was not linked to the order. I cannot continue sleeping in this bed I even have headaches. My order number: 500730970, I stay in East London the people that delivered are from Wilsonia branch in East London.

I want this bed to be collected and get a refund, I’m not even interested in buying another bed set at HIFI CORP I’m very traumatized and a huge inconvenience because I sold my old bed and now I have to wait for the process for me to get a refund and for this bed to be collected. I want this bed to be collected asap like when it was delivered. I need to buy another bed asap. I cannot wait long for my money to be refunded. pictures and videos I cannot upload but I can email them if given an email address.

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