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Lucid Mattress Fails To Stand Behind Its Products

November 5, 2023
1/5.00 reviews

I have purchased two Lucid mattress toppers through Amazon sales. The first Lucid mattress topper fell apart inside of one month — all the little “nipples” fell off — but since it was within 30 days, I was able to return it with no problem through Amazon. At that time, I noticed that there were many negative reviews on the product with the same problem, The second topper was more of a solid foam layer, Purchased in May of 2023, it made it about 5 months before falling apart. Too long to simply return through Amazon.

So I reached out to Lucid directly, hoping they have some sort of warranty. At first they seemed pleasant and asked that I send them photographs of the Lucid mattress topper showing the problems, along with order number, delivery address, etc. I did all of that. I was hopeful that they would refund or at least replace. After sending in all the information they turned around and blamed us for the damage.

They said moisture must have made it fall apart and went on a litany about that; however, we’ve never gotten it wet. It’s not like we took it down a river as a raft of made it into a pool toy. We live in Southern California, and although our summers have become more humid, we also run the AC through much of the summer.

I really feel that this is blaming the victim. It was kind of a baiting with their original requests. The only thing they offered was a 20% discount coupon, then later offering me a 10% discount coupon instead, as though I would want to buy anything else from them and have that product fall apart. I could purchase at a discount (they offer the coupons if you do sign up with email just for anyone anyway) more bad stuff for them to not stand behind. The sad part is that I was really considering ordering one of their Lucid mattresses, the 14 inch plush layered foam, only available on Amazon.

I’d wanted to try the toppers first to see, and I’m glad I did that at least. I want to note that their products — no surprise — are made in China. Not necessarily a bad thing. What’s bad is their customer service and lack there of. I’ve bought things like hoses on Amazon that leaked, but right away the company stepped in and replaced them.

Lucid does nothing for you. I would not recommend buying anything from them. If their product doesn’t last, they blame the customer. Here’s my order number for the Lucid mattress topper purchased on Amazon on May 27th, 2023 ORDER # 111-8824622-2580211.


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