Sonic Drive-IN / Given wrong order/poor customer service/man

Monday night, September 16, 2019, at approximately 8:05 p.m., I drove to the drive-thru window. The line was moving extremely slow; and when I got to the speaker to place my order, I ordered two corn dogs and a small chocolate shake. Upon my arrival at the “Pick-Up window”, I had another extended wait after […]


what can I tell you? One… service is understaffed and slow on a Saturday night. Two… the menu was unimpressive and sloppy…. even for a bar. Three… I thought live music might save experience. WRONG… the acoustics and layout made it an unpleasant venue. I felt bad for the musicians and artists on stage. Please […]

Disgusting food and service

Lovely staff but run off their feet so service bad. Food disgusting, wine over priced. Not worth visiting unless you are desperate!

Staff need to learn not to humiliate its customers

Ordered a lamb kebab and a halloumi burger. The kebab was raw inside. When I went back to complain the waiter/chef was apologetic and asked if I’d like it replaced, I said yes…then a young lady came out (tanned, aged 20-30 with tattoos) she rudely exclaimed “we cook all our food medium and so we […]

The waitress has a terrible attitude.

They left us for atleast 10 mins without any other guests need to be serve, ignore our call. What’s more, she only asked and recorded the order and demand of one of us, and made the default that this was also my order, and said that it could not be changed. Soooo terrible.

Using high fructose corn syrup

I like your products when my friends tell me about you, but when I go there, really in this day and age you’re still using high fructose corn syrup in everything have you no pride?

Don’t try to deliver early

Don’t try to deliver early. Not going to happen. Most Coca Cola’s are 24/7. This place is rather small with a skeleton crew and will tell you to come back at 7 AM up until 430 PM. I tried my luck & failed. Feel free to try yours.🙁👎🏾

Horrible staff.

I ordered a simple cold coffee. They printed a bill for some dark frappe which was double the price without asking me. Their explanation was since cold coffee was not available, we selected something better for you. They argued without apologizing and finally agreed to serve something else and refund remaining amount with a rude […]

Horrible Services

I used to go in The Social very often during my student years. The service was always horrible, but the location is great, so I kept on going there for years. Until I got kids. Now, could someone please reply to this: It is second weekend that I try to sit OUTSIDE in the afternoon […]

Not serving the food

Got inside, asked for the menu, spent 10 minutes enjoying the selection and when asked for a table, was told they are not serving the food at that time. Why giving the menu then? Ughh.