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Email : info@timhortons.com

Phone/Mobile No. : 1 (888) 601-1616

Website :https://www.timhortons.com/

Location : Tim Hortons Campbell River Store

Business : Tim Hortons

Consumer Complaints and Reviews

Tim Hortons Overcharging Customers

December 20, 2022
1/5.00 reviews

I went into Tim Hortons and ordered a dozen donuts, asking if they could be packaged in two smaller boxes to transport better. The teller rang it up as (2) half dozen orders, which cost $4 more than a single dozen. I stated that I did not order that. The teller summoned the manager, who became extremely irritated and stated that it was company policy. I left without purchasing anything, went home, and sent an email to Tim Hortons corporate headquarters explaining what had happened and asking if this was policy. Afterward, I received a phone call apologising for the treatment I received at Tim Hortons Campbell River location and informing me of the situation.
I should not have been charged for two half-dozens when I only ordered one dozen. According to the Tim Hortons representative, it is not unreasonable to request that the order be packaged in two smaller boxes.
They stated that they would notify the regional Manager and resolve the issue.
A month later, I returned to the same store and placed the same order… The same thing happened again. When I explained what the head office had said about the subject. The teller went to find the head manager, who was extremely rude and refused to listen or contact headquarters. What a squandering of time. customer service is nonexistent.
Summary: The Tim Hortons in Campbell River is run by thieves who purposely overcharge their customers. If your charity receives funds from this store, it was most likely stolen from unsuspecting customers who were overcharged.


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