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Polar Seltzer Has High Amounts of PFAS, Toxic, Cancerous

June 26, 2023
1/5.00 reviews

I called Polar months ago to find out if their water was reverse-osmosis filtered, and was contacted back that is was. If that were truly factual, then there should be NO PFAS or other chemicals in it. I feel I have been lied to, and I have exposed myself to a toxic, cancerous chemical, in the large quantities of Polar that I drink.

The “Feedback form” on their website DOESN’T EVEN WORK! It keeps telling you that you don’t have all fields completed. It asks for a time stamp, when there is NO TIME STAMP on either the cans or the box. What is wrong with a company that shows you the bottom of the can for a time stamp? When there is NO TIME STAMP period??? Only a date.

Here are ALL the numbers from TWO 8-packs of your product with identical numbers:

UPC: 0 71537 00147 1
DATE bottom of can: 09 23 2024
RETAILER: Jewel Foods, Fox River Grove, IL

Read the following link, which has measured PFAS in sparkling waters. Polar is the second highest in PFAS in the whole list. Who knows what other toxic chemicals it contains as well.

Polar should be running laboratory analysis on their water before & after reverse osmosis treatment on a regular, and their reverse osmosis units should be of top-quality with the filters changed at the manufacturers specified number of gallons. Reverse Osmosis units eliminate ALL toxins, but when there are high PFAS concentrations in the product, this proves they are not doing any of this.


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