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Dunkin Donuts Disappointing Experience – Don’t Waste Your Time And Money

April 18, 2023
1/5.00 reviews

I rarely get to visit Dunkin Donuts due to the fact that I live 55 minutes away. However, when I am able to make a stop there, I always pick up a quart of Baskin Robbins Golden Medal Ribbon ice cream. Previously, I was able to find the ice cream already packed up in quarts in the freezer section. But lately, during my visits, I have had to ask for it. Unfortunately, my recent experiences have not been very pleasant.

Every time I visit Dunkin Donuts, there are new staff members who are not very friendly. When I ask for two quarts of ice cream. They usually point to the freezer and tell me that there is some in there. However, I have to inform them that there is not any left. Then, they seem bothered to have to scoop the ice cream out for me. I understand that scooping out ice cream takes some time as it is solid. But I never receive my money’s worth. The Dunkin Donuts staff members do not fill the quarts full and do not pack the ice cream down properly, resulting in a half-filled container.

I have never seen Dunkin Donuts staff members fill the quarts as they do it behind the counter, out of my sight. They may appear to be full, but when I arrive home and check them, I notice that there are air pockets throughout the container. When I try to pack it down, it is only half full. I feel like I am not getting my money’s worth, which is frustrating, considering the long drive and wait time.

Based on my recent experiences, I have decided not to go back to Dunkin Donuts and I also shared my experience with their customer support. The long drive and the lack of proper customer service and satisfaction make it not worth my time and money. I would rather find another location that provides better service and values my business.


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