Frigidaire Refrigerator Complaint Poor Customer Service

Frigidaire Refrigerator Company Brand Logo

I ordered a brand new Frigidaire refrigerator, which arrived on September 3, 2022 (Model # FFTR1425VW). In November 2022, the Frigidaire Refrigerator broke (poor motor). Frigidaire’s customer care informed me that a new one would be shipped because it could not be repaired (December 2022). I stayed home from work, but there was no delivery. […]


OnePlus 8 Display Line Issue

OnePlus 8 Company Logo

I have been using the OnePlus phone for some years and I’m currently using OnePlus 8 Last day I received a updations notification for the software, and I did the same. Later after the updation, my screen got a display issue with green parallel lines. I took it to the nearest service center and many […]

Hi-Fi Corporation

Westgat HiFi Corporation Returned Disfunctional Cellphone, Refused Fix Nor Refund Me

hifi corporation logo

Westgat HiFi Corporation Order Detail – Hisense E50 Lite HLTE228E Serial number [protected] RLR134300 I left the cellphone at Westgat HiFi Corporation on 5th of January 23 at 11 am after only spending less than 3 months and it stopped functioning. Since last month, I have never had joy phoning Westgate customer support, being […]


Flipkart Replacement Again Received Defective Mobile

I received a defective product from Flipkart (order placed on 19th Jan 2023, Ord id: OD427092169631012100). So I replaced it (for replacing I am supposed to call 5-6 times every day to the support team and request them to accept replacement) and finally approved for replacement. Replacement is done on 2nd Feb 2023 again with […]


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Complaint

I got my Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 phone in November of 2022 when I made the purchase. Up to the 07th of Jan 2023, the phone functioned without a hitch. When I opened the phone, there was a dark line evident where the crease had been. The crease in the middle of my phone […]


FedEx Shipment – Item Not Delivered On Time

I am not happy with my FedEx shipment. No reply from FedEx – India. and no on-time delivery. I always cringe when I learn that a shipment is being sent with them. Since I have no idea when or if it will arrive. At least half of the time, it’s delivered to the wrong address. […]

Noah Williams

Verbal Harassment And Scam By Noah Williams

noah williams radio scam and verbal harassment

By making it appear as though he was selling me a radio when, in reality, he was not. Noah Williams was able to successfully con me out of $25.65. He did this by tricking me into believing that he was selling me a radio. In spite of the fact that he had initially given the […]

T - Mobile

T-Mobile Refuse To Cancel Account

I visited the T-mobile retail location. For the payment of the phone, I opted to pay in installments. Nevertheless, it turned out to have a fault, and I had to return it because of this. I made two trips to the T-Mobile store in order to make the request that they stop deducting payments from […]

David L.

Purchase On Facebook Marketplace Scam

facebook marketplace phone scammer

Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I recently placed an order for a Galaxy A13 5g phone through the Facebook marketplace. The following Facebook marketplace page: It was utilized in the process of placing the order, which was accomplished through the profile of this merchant. On the other hand, the […]

Whirlpool India

Whirlpool India Delivery Scam

I ordered a washing machine on 9/4/2022 from whirlpool India. I made a cancellation request the next day due to a delay in delivery. As per a conversation with Whirlpool Customer Support, for no reason. It was shipped the following day after the cancellation request was submitted. Based on the assurance given by your Customer […]