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Amazon Customer Support Review: Disappointments in Delivery and Support

July 18, 2023
1/5.00 reviews

Dear fellow customers and members of the online shopping community. I feel compelled to share my recent experiences with Amazon and shed light on the reality of their services.

Let me begin by expressing my utmost dissatisfaction with my recent encounters on Amazon. I have ordered a Macbook Air and the experience has been nothing short of a nightmare. I have experienced consistent delays in deliveries, abysmal customer support, and an overall horrendous shopping experience.

Despite choosing Amazon day delivery specifically to avoid any disturbances on other days. My trust in Amazon’s promises has been shattered. One incident, in particular, left me frustrated and disappointed. I had an important flight to catch and contacted Amazon’s delivery partner at 8 PM. Who assured me that my package would be delivered by 9:30 PM at the latest. To address the situation, I reached out to Amazon’s customer support representative, but they took an excruciatingly long time to understand the problem and offered empty assurances.

When I requested escalation, I was connected to another support representative via call hesitantly. This individual assured me that the delivery would be made by 10:55 PM and promised to call me back at 11:00 PM unfortunately, no further communication came from them. As a result, the gift I had ordered for someone special was not delivered on time, leading to great disappointment and heartbreak.

To make matters worse, the delivery partner marked the reason for non-delivery as “customer unavailable,” which is entirely false. I was at home and available throughout the designated delivery period. Despite my numerous attempts to contact the delivery partner, all of my calls went unanswered, leaving me helpless.

These repeated failures have eroded my once unwavering faith in Amazon. I find myself losing interest in continuing to rely on their services as it seems I must constantly write to address even the smallest of issues. I have already reached out to Amazon multiple times regarding poor delivery experiences in Pune. Which is considered at least a Tier 1.5 city. I can only imagine the challenges faced by customers residing in Tier 3 cities or rural areas.

I urge Amazon to take this feedback seriously and work towards improving its services. Many customers, including myself, who were once loyal Amazon fans, are gradually losing faith and considering alternative e-commerce platforms in search of a better shopping experience.

If you have faced similar issues or have concerns about Amazon’s services, I encourage you to share your experiences. Together, we can highlight the problems and pressure Amazon to take prompt action in addressing our grievances and restoring our confidence in their services.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. Let us raise our voices and demand better service from Amazon.

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