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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Complaint

January 16, 2023
1/5.00 reviews

I got my Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 phone in November of 2022 when I made the purchase. Up to the 07th of Jan 2023, the phone functioned without a hitch. When I opened the phone, there was a dark line evident where the crease had been. The crease in the middle of my phone expanded into a dark blob as I repeatedly opened and closed the phone, making it impossible for me to use the upper half of the phone.

When I took my Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 to a Samsung service shop, the technician there informed me that Samsung had informed him that the warranty did not cover the screen. This mobile device has never been broken, dropped, or submerged in liquid of any kind. These mobile devices are notorious for having this flaw in their design. Wendy, a representative at Samsung, informed me that the only option I had was to pay a deductible of $25 in order to get the screen replaced. Despite the fact that I had already paid, the request was denied without my awareness.

The technician placed an order for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 screen. But was unable to begin providing services until an additional ticket was created. Therefore, I had to open a second ticket, which resulted in an additional $25 fee. The technician determined that the phone could not be fixed. Since the replacement screen was flawed. My extended warranty from Samsung, for which I pay a monthly fee, is not valid. Samsung will not recognize the guarantee it sold me. After that, I was informed that the only choice I had was to pay an additional deductible of $98 in order to receive a replacement phone. Why won’t Samsung fulfill the warranties, even though it’s obvious there was a problem with the manufacturing?


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