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Flipkart Replacement Again Received Defective Mobile

February 9, 2023
1/5.00 reviews

I received a defective product from Flipkart (order placed on 19th Jan 2023, Ord id: OD427092169631012100). So I replaced it (for replacing I am supposed to call 5-6 times every day to the support team and request them to accept replacement) and finally approved for replacement.

Replacement is done on 2nd Feb 2023 again with the damaged product. So I asked for a return on the same day but till now no response from Flipkart (if I call customer support they are saying a server issue, or a technical issue not able to open order details which is not my issue. Also, they are saying like you will receive a call from a concerned team in 2hrs, but none called me).

After multiple calls, they raised escalation (INC23012521001304960648). But still no resolution from them. As I placed my order through a credit card and my due date was on 5th Feb 2023 I paid the penalty. I didn’t get any good mobile from Flipkart nor was the return approved, instead paid a penalty. I appreciate Flipkart for playing with people’s valuable time and providing damaged products. This is a big lesson for me to not place any order from Flipkart and waste my time and money.

Note For The Other Customers: Flipkart Support is not all good to resolve issues. They just say the word sorry and hung up the call without resolving the issues. I was asked to call them after 2-4hrs to talk to the supervisor which is unbearable. They are thinking that I am not working and sitting idly at home. No Sir, I do work in an IT company and I also have my family to take care of (which is my priority). I can not leave all those and keep on calling you people for which I paid money.

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