One Travel Flights

I booked return flights from Auckland New Zealand to Fairbanks Alaska on the 1st and 2nd of July 2023 from One Travel. My booking number is 81274387. I flew out on the 31st July 2023, my return was booked for the 28th January 2024. Due to an urgent family matter I had to return to […]

Booksi Reviews Exposed – Money Assured Not Refunded

I can’t believe the terrible experience I’ve had with Booksi! After I heard about quite good Booksi Reviews. I booked with Booksi back in Dec 2022, and in Oct. 2023, I called to confirm my trip to the United States. You won’t believe what they told me on the phone – they shamelessly informed me […]

Regarding Refund From MakeMyTrip App

I booked a Go first flight from Muscat to Cochin for June 3rd 2023 through Make My Trip app. The flight was non operational due to several reasons. I will get a full refund on that. I cancelled my ticket on May 19 since I got a mail from Go first before. Till now I […]

Rodeway Inn Complaint: Noisy Neighbors and False Advertisement

I strongly advise against staying at the Rodeway Inn located on Front St. in Temecula, CA. During my stay from 3/10/2023 to 3/12/2023, I experienced significant discomfort and inconvenience. The room next to ours was occupied by a group of noisy youngsters. They repeatedly knocked on their door at very early hours, causing me to […]

Priceline Credit Card Theft

Has anyone else had this experience? I used Priceline for the first time last month. I used a credit card that I seldom use online. Two days later, charges started to show up for phone companies. I had to cancel my card and wait a week for a new one. I can’t draw a direct […]

Zoomcar Breakdown – No Refund

I reserved a Zoomcar self-drive car for the 16th and 18th of November 2022. The car reservation process began at 5:00 PM on November 16th, from the Mumbai airport. I picked up the car at Mumbai airport and drove it to my hotel in Mumbai, which is around 30 kilometers away. When I arrived at […]

Non-Refund For Cancelled Flight

I booked a flight with PNR 173LJ4 for 1st November 2022. The flight was cancelled by Arik Air Limited at the last minute. I applied for a refund and I have also submitted all the requested documents. Currently, I am still waiting for the refund to be processed today. Despite my repeated attempts, I have […]

MakeMyTrip Refund My Money Please

I made the regrettable mistake of ordering a ticket from MakeMyTrip with the wrong dates for both the departing and return journey. They were booked for airlines of Wizzair. I was able to call them within the first hour. To let them know that I would need to cancel our appointment. They gave me the […]

Ekta Insure – Scam By Travel Insurance Company

I have looked everywhere, but I cannot find my bags. My comprehensive travel insurance is provided to me by Ekta Insure, and it protects me if my luggage also goes missing. My bag went missing while this insurance policy still covered me. However, the insurance company says that it is not liable for its whereabouts. […]

Swoop Cancellation, No Reimbursement

Booking # D8EG4Q and BDTWGB Flight WO370 Swoop decided to cancel the flight that was supposed to take off on June 27, 2022, 24 hours before the scheduled departure time. There were no other choices provided, there was no offer of payment, and neither e-mails nor phone calls were returned. There was a requirement to […]