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November 8, 2023
1/5.00 reviews

I booked return flights from Auckland New Zealand to Fairbanks Alaska on the 1st and 2nd of July 2023 from One Travel.

My booking number is 81274387. I flew out on the 31st July 2023, my return was booked for the 28th January 2024. Due to an urgent family matter I had to return to New Zealand on the 11th August 2023. I rang One travel on the 8th 9th and 10th of August to try and get my return flights date changed. Each time I was told there was no flights untill the 28th January 2024.

As I was desperate to return to Nz I booked a flight (through one travel) on the 10th August 2023 to fly back on the 11th August. I have screenshots of all payments to them.

I am moving to Whitehorse Yukon Territories Canada on the 4th Dec for a job as a sled dog tour guide. Then, I rang One travel again on the 6th November 2023. Requesting my return flights be either refunded or transfered to flights to Whitehorse. Details as follows.

Depart Auckland 4th December 2023 at 2 pm to Vancouver arriving at 6 10 am on the 4th Dec. Flying Air Canada express Jazz flight 40 Aircraft 789, Vancouver 1 50 pm to Whitehorse arriving 5 21 pm on Air Canada express Jazz flight 8099 Air craft CR9. Through one travel.

The man I spoke to, was from Pakistan and was very hard to understand. After a long 30 minute call he still refused to do either. Saying that it could not be done as they only refund departure flights not return. Which makes zero sense. According to their web site it states as long as a refund or change is made more than 24 hours before flight. Well begining of August is a lot before the 28th January. So is the 4th December.

The return flights cost me a total of $2801.24. The return flight I had to book cost me $4092. 58.

I am not a wealthy person Ive been on an benefit here for a long time.

Meanwhile, I have sold everything I own to get to Alaska. I had to borrow money from my Mom to get back to Nz.

I am selling my truck end of November for $6 000.00. Which is all the money I will have to go to Canada with. Once there I will need to buy winter outerwear to deal with the minus 40 degree temperatures I will be working in. So getting a refund or alternative flights will be needed to get what I need.

I hope you can help me in this matter.

Thank you.



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