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Rodeway Inn Complaint: Noisy Neighbors and False Advertisement

May 3, 2023
1/5.00 reviews

I strongly advise against staying at the Rodeway Inn located on Front St. in Temecula, CA. During my stay from 3/10/2023 to 3/12/2023, I experienced significant discomfort and inconvenience. The room next to ours was occupied by a group of noisy youngsters. They repeatedly knocked on their door at very early hours, causing me to lose sleep and rest. The noise was so loud that it was impossible to ignore. It seemed like the room had been reserved for more people than it could comfortably accommodate. Even after calling the Rodeway Inn clerk three times to address the issue, no action was taken, and the noise continued.

Moreover, I was disappointed to find out that the hotel falsely advertised that they provide breakfast. The description on Priceline’s Rodeway Inn booking stated that breakfast was included. But upon checking in, the clerk informed me that there was no breakfast available. The worst part was that the owner of the Rodeway Inn was aware of this false advertisement but did nothing to correct it. It was a clear case of false advertisement, and it left me feeling misled and frustrated.

In conclusion, I do not recommend staying at the Rodeway Inn on Front St. in Temecula, CA. Due to the unacceptable noise level caused by the room next door and the false advertisement for breakfast. Despite my attempts to address the issue with the hotel clerk, no action was taken to address the noise issue.


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