Amazing Experience Using NewsAnchored

It’s been an amazing experience enjoying the services of NewsAnchored. Beyond the great platforms they provide for PR, what stands out for me the most is the professional articles they curate to meet the exact needs of their clients. They write about you as though they are a part of your company or system. It’s […]

Kay McCaffrey

Unfinished Delivery of Order 711349788768

I had a neighbor and I who hunted around for this unfinished delivery of order 711349788768 which was said it was delivered and found it in a ditch at the top of my quarter-mile driveway. It weighed 68 pounds and since I am 78 I could not pick it up, it should have been left […]

Masseur Finder Harassment: My Disappointing Experience

I recently had a highly unprofessional encounter with a masseur finder service that left me profoundly disappointed. My initial contact was with a masseur named Jacob from masseur finder. Using the provided contact number, to inquire about booking a massage. Jacob was visiting my town for a short period, and I thought it would be […]

Bear411 Customer Service Complaint

Oh, where do I even begin with my frustration regarding bear411 customer service? Let me tell you, this platform feels like it’s stuck in a time warp, with an interface that screams 1998. It’s like trying to navigate a maze blindfolded, and unless you land on the exact page you need, finding anything is a […]

Spark Driver Customer Service Complaint

My recent encounter with Spark Driver customer service left much to be desired. What should have been a straightforward resolution turned into a frustrating ordeal that exposed their lack of professionalism and care. I booked a Spark Driver for a crucial business meeting, expecting a seamless experience as a regular user of ride-sharing services. However, […]

Megapersonals Account Unjust Ban and Deceptive Practices

I’ve been a loyal user of this platform for nearly half a year, but my experience has taken a dark turn. Megapersonals, the site I trusted, banned me from my own account without any valid explanation. Despite my numerous attempts, including several emails to their support team, I’m left stranded with no resolution. Days turned […]

R2Park Complaint – A Parking Nightmare? Read The Frustrated User Experience

My experience with the R2Park car parking service was a complete nightmare. I arrived at the apartment parking early, as I knew parking would be a challenge. I paid the R2Park parking fee and entered the parking lot. I drove around for 10 minutes, looking for a parking space, as all of the parking spaces […]

IDGod Complaint: Disastrous Customer Service Experience

So, I had this totally crazy experience with the IDGod website, and let me tell you, it was a complete rollercoaster ride, man. Like, I tried to get a fake ID from them, and it turned into a nightmare! I went to place my order, right? But their payment thingy kept playing hard to get […]

Rez Renovations: Incomplete Work And Damages Unresolved

On May 1, 2023, I purchased $2900 worth of flooring from Floor & Decor. In turn, Floor & Decor referred me to Installation Made Easy to be connected with a contractor to install the flooring in my $500,000 condo. The contractors, Nathan, and Keith DBA Rez Renovations, came to survey the job and priced it […]

PayPal – Shut My Account Down

I used to receive a monthly income of over 2000 dollars through PayPal. However, unexpectedly, PayPal has closed my account and refused to provide me with a new one. What’s even more frustrating is that they have not given me any explanation for this decision. I am left perplexed and unable to comprehend the reason […]