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Email : help@urbancompany.com

Phone/Mobile No. : 09110350290

Website :http://www.urbancompany.com/

Location : Trendz Enclave, First Floor, Plot No. 44, Survey no 74&75P, Block No. 1, Lane Opposite Seasons Indoor Swimming Pool, Jai Hind Colony, Madhapur - 500081

Business : Urban Company

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Refund Has Not Been Issued

January 23, 2024
3/5.00 reviews

This complaint is regarding a payment made in the month of November.
I booked a haircut service via Urban Company and I paid online through phonepe. And upon checking my booking, I wasn’t satisfied with the professional assigned to me for my haircut. I wanted to change the professional, but there was no option as such as per the app, and I then went ahead and selected the chat with us option in order to get help from the customer service team, when I elaborated on the issue, I was assured that there would be no cancellation charges and I would get the entire amount as refund, and then I was satisfied with their decision.

However upon checking my payment history a few days back. I noticed that there was only amount debited from my account. No amount was credited into my account by the urban company app. And since the service was cancelled before it was received. There is no booking history seen in the app and hence I am unable to contact them. When I mailed, they asked me to contact customer service through the app. But it is not possible in my case. Since the issue is with a cancelled booking, and not a previous confirmed booking. Kindly help me out in this as I wanna receive the amount back. below is the screenshot of my payment history

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