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Reviews are paid don’ fall in trap – They pay people to post

I wish to lodge a formal complaint against a media and article publishing company known as News Anchored. It has come to my attention that this company has engaged in unethical practices, including paying individuals and agencies for fabricated reviews. Furthermore, their publications consistently fail to rank on reputable search engines like Google, indicating a […]

What Kind of Company is This??

Like most of the people on here, I published an article on one of the News Anchored publications. Not even expecting anything, i only had one article published by them. Imagine my surprise when the day they published it the article was ranking top when searched. It’s continued to be that way for the next […]

Another SCAM doing well in US, Big Time Liars

I purchased a publication link in As a consumer who values accurate and insightful information, I find it disheartening to witness such deceptive practices within the journalism industry. It is evident that the articles being pushed by News Anchored do not meet the standards of reliable journalism, as they lack credibility, depth, and fail […]

NewsAnchored Actually Did Well!

Not really a complaint. I just find it unfair that NewsAnchored is getting so much flak. But it’s actually really delivered for me, my business and my clientele. 5 stars!

FAKE Reviews (This company is selling Fake Links)

Articles and links bought on this website are of no use. You will find cheap and better ranking websites without hassle-free. See the decline in traffic and so-called News Anchored is not even on Google news. So do yourself a favor and dont waste your hard earned money.

Amazing Experience Using NewsAnchored

It’s been an amazing experience enjoying the services of NewsAnchored. Beyond the great platforms they provide for PR, what stands out for me the most is the professional articles they curate to meet the exact needs of their clients. They write about you as though they are a part of your company or system. It’s […]

Great Name or DA they pitch but non of the Copy we published rank

We invested a significant amount in News Anchored Publications to have our business featured in ten publications, only to discover that one or two of them had notable rankings, and the websites lacked substantial organic traffic. Upon investigation by our SEO vendor, it was disclosed that none of the platforms in question possessed commendable SEO […]

They sell you cheap posts that never rank.

Dont buy the hefty packages listed on website. They upsell you the sites that never ranks. Out of 30 websites they sell one 2-3 ranks and that too poorly SEO optimized. My 10 year niece can do better SEO then these guys and all they are concerned is to sell monthly packages to fund their […]