Fintiba – Payment Not Received Since 19 November 2022

Dear Fintiba, I should receive my payment on 19 of NOVEMBER 2022. But, I did not receive it until now (today is 14th of june)! When i will receive my payment, Fintiba you are responsible to transfer it on time!!!! i am going to die and fintiba will be responsible. I have heard many bad things from fellow […]

Fintiba Complaint – I Did Not Receive My Second Payment After 10 Days

Hello, I’m Bita Hamidi and open a blocked account in Fintiba. I should receive my second payment on 30 of April. But, I did not receive it until now (today is 9 of May)! When you receive 100 Eure, you are responsible to transfer it on time!!!! I’m a student in Germany and do not […]

Lost Package – FedEx

This order was shipped with 2nd day delivery via FedEx and should’ve been delivered to me. But till today, it hasn’t reached me. I am distraught with the delivery service of FedEx. I have tried to contact their customer support many times. But they didn’t help me with my lost package. Upon trying many times […]

William Clark

Pharmacist Negligence Raised Red Flags Against William Clark

My name is William Clark. An ER doctor wrote me a prescription. The medicines on the prescription were not given to me by the pharmacist. As the pharmacist chose to phone the on-call emergency department physician, instead of providing me with the medicine according to the doctor’s prescription. After he told the doctor that I’ve […]

Unprofessional people with no work ethics

Web Link did a website for my handloom business based in Gurgaon and that was the worst decision we ever made for our business as they are most un ethical people to work with. First of all they didnt delivered what they promised and upon asking number of times for such a small fixes they […]

No money back From PayPal – Four cancel order

I had made an order through Bloomingdale’s from my PayPal credit that’s how I paid my order from Bloomingdale.  One of them in the order was canceled and the other was refunded because it got lost in transit. Now PayPal will not give me the rest of my money back for the cancellation. Some of […]

Dishonest and disorganized

In the summer I received a promotion call from Spectrum who I have internet services with. The offered to upgrade the internet speed (which I wanted) so I agreed. They offered and hard sold a promotion that included Apple TVs for use with the internet. I agreed to this as well since it seemed like […]

Grocery Delivery service Failure

Tue 12/14 early morning placed grocery order. Order still has not been delivered as of today Wed 12/15. Called to find order at 2:48 spoke with employee she said they were swamped lack of drivers then she says, “Oh a driver just walked in I’ll have him deliver to you now” Well turns out that […]

Michael Daddio

Interstate Fraud, Wire Fraud, Mail Fraud and Title Jumping

I am both a senior citizen as well as a disabled veteran of the USAF with 100% disability. I have been looking for a like new 2006 to 2008 Mustang GT for several months and in mid September I cam across what was advertised as a like new 2006 Mustang GT with ad listing posted […]

Owe me money

Owe me 1400$ won’t give it back they want my bank account information I won’t give it to them