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PayPal – Shut My Account Down

I used to receive a monthly income of over 2000 dollars through PayPal. However, unexpectedly, PayPal has closed my account and refused to provide me with a new one. What’s even more frustrating is that they have not given me any explanation for this decision. I am left perplexed and unable to comprehend the reason […]

No money back From PayPal – Four cancel order

I had made an order through Bloomingdale’s from my PayPal credit that’s how I paid my order from Bloomingdale.  One of them in the order was canceled and the other was refunded because it got lost in transit. Now PayPal will not give me the rest of my money back for the cancellation. Some of […]

PayPal do not honour their Customer Goods Guarantee

I lodged a case against a fraudulent company Yunhan Industrial Co., Ltd. They advertise toolsets in my case a 10 Piece Lithium-Ion Cordless Combo Kit and a 232 piece mechanical toolset which would way up to 20 kg. Both times they delivered =74 g air cushions. The purchase was made on June 13th. […]