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Pharmacist Negligence Raised Red Flags Against William Clark

August 29, 2022
1/5.00 reviews

My name is William Clark. An ER doctor wrote me a prescription. The medicines on the prescription were not given to me by the pharmacist. As the pharmacist chose to phone the on-call emergency department physician, instead of providing me with the medicine according to the doctor’s prescription. After he told the doctor that I’ve had several different doctors write a relatively small number of prescriptions for me.

The doctor agreed to make the necessary adjustments. Several red flags have recently been issued against me due to the negligence of the doctor. Because of what has transpired, the medical facility that I went to will not write me a prescription for any kind of pain medication. They think that I am a drug seeker, But I am not.

As a volunteer fireman, I face a wide range of distinct health issues daily. Some of these issues are more serious than others. This kind of treatment has never been meted out to me in the past in any capacity by the pharmacist. This is something new for me. All because it is of the utmost importance that something is completed. I intend to gain some legal guidance.


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