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Phone/Mobile No. :1-800-463-3339

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Location :FedEx Customer Relations 3875 Airways, Module H3 Department 4634 Memphis, TN 38116

FedEx Delivery Complaint

I spent $500 on my great-grandson’s birthday gifts. As I Ordered early and Had problems with the first FedEx delivery because my granddaughter gave me the wrong address. I Couldn’t change it because 2 items had already been shipped FedEx couldn’t chg it nor Wayfair. So I had to have the items sent back and […]

FedEx Non-Performance And Non-Responsive Customer Services

On 6/15/23, we packaged up notarized documents and purchased overnight delivery services for which FedEx charged us $63.46. The cost for these documents included notary services as well as email services – totaling $181.96. The package had closing documents to be delivered to a Title Company so that we could close on the sale of […]

FedEx Delivery – Everything Wrong – Late Arrival, Broken Items, and Unhelpful Support

I got an email from FedEx delivery that my package arrived on 5/12/23/ @ 5:46 PM. It didn’t. I finally found it delivered on 5/14/2023 in the morning. I had looked several times the day before so I don’t know how late it was. When I opened the package, the cap on peanut butter was […]

No FedEx Customer Service At All

On March 23, 2023, I schedule a pickup for the next day. The next day a FedEx driver picks up my 2 identical boxes. Today(March 27th) one of my boxes is delivered but online it shows the other box was never picked up. I called FedEx Customer Service about the issue as well, but to […]

FedEx Shipment – Item Not Delivered On Time

I am not happy with my FedEx shipment. No reply from FedEx – India. and no on-time delivery. I always cringe when I learn that a shipment is being sent with them. Since I have no idea when or if it will arrive. At least half of the time, it’s delivered to the wrong address. […]

Pissed With FedEx Poor Customer Service

We have been notified that our delivery was “Out For Delivery” in the 5 past few days. Gee, guess what, NO DELIVERY! My past experiences with FedEx have been the same POOR SERVICE. When I order anything for delivery in the future and if FedEx is the carrier I will request a different carrier and […]

Lost Package – FedEx

This order was shipped with 2nd day delivery via FedEx and should’ve been delivered to me. But till today, it hasn’t reached me. I am distraught with the delivery service of FedEx. I have tried to contact their customer support many times. But they didn’t help me with my lost package. Upon trying many times […]