Square Yards

Square Yards – My Flat Interior Work Not Completed On Time

I have purchased a new Flat in TVS Emerald Jardin Township In Singasandra, Banglore. Earlier, I was staying in rent in another part of the City. I have given Interior work for my new Flat to an Interior Company by square yards. Interior company by square yards is a home interior design company. They have […]

Sobha City

Read It Before you buy- Sobha city white collar thugs

If you are planning to invest your hard-earned money with any of the Sobha city projects or Sobha city malls, Sobha City in Sector 108 on Dwarka Expressway, Gurgaon or TATA La-VidaTulip Monsella Sector 53 or even these cities Sobha City BENGALURU,CHENNAI,COIMBATORE,DELHI NCR,GIFT CITY GUJARAT,KOCHI,KOZHIKODE,MYSURU,PUNE or THRISSUR . Quality of construction is very cheap. My […]

Dr.Vasileios Xeniadis Ph.D

Mr Vasileios is ill-mannered and self obsessed

I was working with a company (Name I cant disclose) and we dealt with Dr.Vasileios Xeniadis Ph.D for one of the trade and honestly I have never worked with anyone so ill mannered and rude. Guy is so self obsessed and thinks he is the smartest person on the planet. I checked for hist reviews […]

Michael O'Neill

Creepy Cult Member

A creepy cult member, Michael O’Neil. The owner of Florida Diversified Enterprises belongs to the Philadelphia Church of God. He is a member of that creepy cult member organization. In his spare time, Michael O’Neil attends the Philadelphia Church of God. He is the owner of several residential buildings, and he defrauds his tenants by […]

The sands at clearwater

No Respect For Residents

I went to return a tenant’s property. A lazy office associate at The Sands at Clearwater said, “just throw it away”. I replied, “Would you like someone to just throw your property away? She remained uncooperative. I then said to the manager, “This is why corporate America is so disliked. You don’t even respect your […]


Doesn’t got my Home deposit amt/Reimbursement from Nestaway

Hi Team I Vacated My Home On 10th Dec. My Home Owner Is Paying Instant Home Deposit Refund. My Home Inspection Also Done On 12th Dec But Still Now I Doesn’t Received My Home Deposit Amount. Due To This I’m Facing Financial Crisis And Mentally Getting Affected. Kindly Take An Action On Them, They Are […]

Shri Hanuman Constructions

Construction not completed.

I contacted Shri Hanuman construction(will be referred as Company) to complete the construction of small GI Roofed house using precast material, and paid advance as per the agreed terms, and company agreed to complete construction within 1 month after paying initial advance, I paid advance of 1 lakh as agreed on 13-Sep-2020, by self check […]

Montgomery County Landlord and Tenant affairs

Landlord and Tenant Affairs fails to enforce CDC guidelines

Landlord and Tenant Affairs ignore my complaint against MURN management at Alta @ Liberty Mill Apartments regarding social distancing and mask-wearing to prevent the spread of COVID 19. I filed three months ago even though Montgomery County, MD is experiencing the highest death COVID 19 fatalities in the State of Maryland. Landlord and Tenant Affairs […]



I have stayed in Nestaway property with House Id:59798. The Address of the property is: Flat No.402, Ravi Prakash Nest, 1st cross road, Belur nagasandra, challaghatta, Bengaluru, Karnataka – 560037 I have moved in the month of October 2019.I have paid a fully refundable security deposit of Rupees 32, 000/-.(Thirty Two Thousand only)before Moving Into […]