Dr.Vasileios Xeniadis Ph.D

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Email :info@sdgc.gr

Phone/Mobile No. :+86 14714319110

Website :https://sdgc.gr/

Location :Unit F, 16 Floor, Tower 11, Phase 2, 11 Ho Hing Circuit, Hong Kong.

Mr Vasileios is ill-mannered and self obsessed

I was working with a company (Name I cant disclose) and we dealt with Dr.Vasileios Xeniadis Ph.D for one of the trade and honestly I have never worked with anyone so ill mannered and rude. Guy is so self obsessed and thinks he is the smartest person on the planet. I checked for hist reviews […]

Fraud Bonds

Vasileios Xeniadis Ph.D is fraud and sell ponzy bonds. I made the request to my banker for Bonds and was dealing through EAI operated by Vasileios and still regret it to that day. Later on, when I did more research my team shared this website link with all the complaints so I thought the truth […]

SDGC group chairman is Fraud

Help, I’ve been scammed! I thought the only victims who “got taken” by fraudulent SDGC group scams were older folks. Sadly, I now know that even we young adults are more prone to falling for scams than we think we are. My money and my pride are gone for the moment, but fortunately, although I […]

Eai bank and Vasileios are fraud

Our group has been defrauded by Vasileios Xeniadis Ph.D. He calls himself a tier 1 trader and took our MT 799 for 3 weeks and traded on commodities and then came back and told us that his bank rejected the MT 799. We are sure there are lot more people that have been defrauded by […]

Fraud by Dr.Vasileios Xeniadis Ph.D | AEK Phantis Forums | SDGC Group

I have read some interesting things about Xeniadis. He is an oil magnate and is the owner of Xeniadis Group of Companies. A good thing is that he is an AEK fan and wants to help apparently. I also came across with some bad news about him. Apparently Xeniadis is a fraud artist and has […]