Oxygen Bars: Is A Breath of Fresh Air Worth It?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has classified oxygen bars as illegal medical devices. Oxygen bars are businesses that offer customers the opportunity to inhale pure oxygen for a fee. The FDA’s concern is that oxygen bars may be making unsubstantiated health claims and that they may be providing oxygen in a way that is […]


I have a prescription discount card for my medication, Optum Rx I should only be paying $5 for my medication. Optum Rx continues to charge me my full copay of $20, I have contacted Optum Rx several times, and now they have put a hold on my account that I can not refill any meds […]

On 2/5/2024 CVS Pharmacy Tried to Sell Me Another Prescrption

CVS Pharmacy 1124 East 10th Street Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870 on 2/5/2024 tried to sell me a prescription already filled on 1/25/2024 by another pharmacy. On 6/2/2022 CVS Pharmacy tried to only fill half of a prescription in an attempt to keep the rest. It was only corrected when the Insurance company got involved.


Although not revealed on the Colloids for Life website. The amount of MesoZinc required to be ingested to reach the daily value is A LOT- MesoZinc only contains 3%/450mcg zinc. Was not aware of this until I had received the MesoZinc as part of my order. At which time Colloids for Life conveniently became unresponsive. […]

Lume Commercial

I cannot stand the Lume commercial where that woman describes her body parts like a fetish. It’s just disgusting.

Costco Pharmacy Complaint

As a dissatisfied user of Costco Pharmacy, I highly advise against using their online services based in California. One of the most significant issues I have encountered is the system’s inability to fill multiple prescriptions per email address. As a result, I was forced to set up separate accounts for each member of my family, […]

BioLife Plasma Staff Arrogant And Negligent

I’ve been donating for a few months and give the majority of the proceeds to charitable organisations like Biolife Plasma. I’ve had to endure 3-4 needle sticks in one sitting twice, with the Biolife Plasma staff refusing to swap arms. My arms are severely bruised as a result, and I will be unable to donate […]

Stormont Vail Health – Dysfunctional System In Automation No Resolution In Adminst

I have attempted to go through all channels available in the Stormont Vail health system X8 to no avail or response from them via email or phone message. This is the problem I have been having with their automation for over 5 months. First, Stormont Vail automation calls me and asks me to verify m […]

Keep Getting BioLife Coupons But No Appointment

I am constantly getting Biolife coupons to entice individuals to begin coming in and donating. On the other hand, I have attempted to schedule a meeting on a number of occasions. But I have never been successful in doing so. As a consequence of this, the company in question needs to come up with an […]

Not Refunding My Money And Harassing

Only a portion of the items that I had purchased was included in the most recent order. That I placed with Dhani Pharmacy (order number EP2769758). I placed an order for six boxes. Each of which would contain four bottles of deksel neo syrup. With a capacity of 5 milliliters. Each box would be shipped […]