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BioLife Plasma Staff Arrogant And Negligent

January 23, 2023
1/5.00 reviews

I’ve been donating for a few months and give the majority of the proceeds to charitable organisations like Biolife Plasma. I’ve had to endure 3-4 needle sticks in one sitting twice, with the Biolife Plasma staff refusing to swap arms. My arms are severely bruised as a result, and I will be unable to donate in a few days. Following these instances, the chief nurse and another nurse treated me in the most unprofessional manner possible. I’ve been accused of being difficult, told twice that I don’t listen, and forced to consume things that I’ve said I can’t have. And that I won’t be able to donate if I don’t comply.

Additionally, I was informed that he had me “Marie” for the sole other occurrences that involved the same problem. The Biolife Plasma staff were unable to use the machines to process the blood as a result of the two poor needle poke. Additionally, it hurts the patient. They only wanted to use me as much as possible to their advantage. Extremely unprofessional Additionally, I will be active across all social media platforms to let potential clients know what to expect from my business. It’s awful that I was regarded as a personality who used drink and drugs. I appreciate your time. I’ll be making reports to the bbb and all social media.


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