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December 8, 2021
1/5.00 reviews

Complaint: Assault/Racial discrimination


I have been shopping with Trident Way Estate Sales for the past year. Every time I enter a sale, I’m immediately followed throughout the house by a staff member. I have made notes and even brought others with me to witness the racial discrimination. On several occasions, the women have yelled at me, made rude gestures and raised prices at the register on me. They have tried to make me pay for items that I have decided not to purchase. I have spent lots of money with this company. I have not violated any laws. Blacks have the same consumer rights as nonblacks.

However, things took a dangerous turn for the worse on Sunday, December 5, 2021 when I was
verbally assaulted at the checkout register by Diane MacKenzie, loudly accused of always being broke in front of all customers by Diane MacKenzie, Diane MacKenzie pointed her fingers in my face for several minutes, Diane MacKenzie snatched all of my items out of my basket and begin throwing them on the table for return area as I was attempting to pay and checkout for the items that I decided to purchase as Tara(daughter) looked on. Then Diane MacKenzie followed me outside to pick a fight with me. After she realized that I was not going to participate in her ignorant racial rant, Diane MacKenzie threatened to have me arrested if I showed up at any of her sales. I told her that she may own Trident Way Estate Sales, but she did not own the State of Michigan where she has broken many laws on today concerning civil and consumer rights.

At this point, two male customers outside asked me if I was ok. I did not feel safe. I returned to my car down the road. At this point, I called the police and filed a formal complaint. I also called Trident Way Estate Sales listed telephone number and left a message expressing my disappointment with the way that I was treated at the Washington, Mi estate sale.


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