Fraud Done By Pacific Migration

I applied for Poland migration through a consultancy Pacific Migration office located 606, Opal Tower Business Bay, Dubai. Phone number- 042423698. I applied on 11th July 2021, I was told the process will take 3 months after which Poland’s work permit will be issued. But I have not received any work permits to date. I […]

Terrance Lamont Jordan Spellcaster Scam

I should have read the other reviews and videos before buying from this Man. Back in June of 2021, I purchased a jar of pig feet and organic liver oil from Mystic Persia’s Terrance Lamont Jordan. The first charge was $35 which was supposed to produce results. However, He shipped them wrong in the box […]

Bad Faith – Not trust worthy

We used them (Franchise UK ) for quite a big deal and they made promises and tried building a trust but in the end everything shattered because of the greed involved by the staff. They had chance to make good money out of the deal but they blew everything for both parties and that too […]

Tax Frauds and scams

Tax Fraud. It is more than just a simple error in judgment and people at EAI do that quite often . There are many kinds, all with penalties, and without proper advice and guidance, it’s easy for a small matter to spiral out of control. Filing a false tax return or other document is treated […]

Pissed By The Scam of Tradelines

These individuals at tradelines are at the very bottom of the barrel. I am going to continue to file complaints against them. They speak Spanish, but I don’t understand a word of it. It was my fault for not recognizing that these individuals were the most notorious con artists. They will lie to you until […]

Better Business Bureau Stay Alert

BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU, CURRENT ALERTS FOR THIS BUSINESS Airheads, Inc Oxygen Producing Equipment Advertising Review: On January 3rd, 2020, Better Business Bureau (BBB) reviewed the advertising of Airheads Inc located on The business was making claims of (1) there is only one oxygen bar equipment supplier who leads the industry in reliability and service. […]

EAI Bank – Mental Threat and Torture

Bank not giving support to me and creating lot of mental torture as already request for TOP UP on my transactions

Fraud Bonds

Vasileios Xeniadis Ph.D is fraud and sell ponzy bonds. I made the request to my banker for Bonds and was dealing through EAI operated by Vasileios and still regret it to that day. Later on, when I did more research my team shared this website link with all the complaints so I thought the truth […]

Renovation Realty Scam San Diego California

Renovation Realty

I am writing to report the repugnant business practices of Renovation Realty ( The business practices of Renovation Realty have proved to prey on people in distress. They function solely for the financial benefit of their company at the cost of their clients. The lack of communication with individuals employed by Renovation Realty is unacceptable. […]

Facebook account stolen

My Facebook account was stolen on February 13, I am unable to log in or retrieve my account. I have tried using the Help Line on Facebook but it just runs me in circles. I would like to be advised of the next, best step. Thanks so much.