Humaniplex Scam – Stay Away From It

Humaniplex Logo

The quality of customer service has been very poor, I am extremely dissatisfied with the way I have been treated as a customer of humaniplex. I had four accounts on your website and had some money in them, but your staff found something suspicious about my humaniplex account and decided to close them. I immediately […]

Escort Babylon

EscortBabylon Complaint – Unwanted Phone Calls And Messages

escortbabylon logo

Oh, joy, another day of incessant phone calls and messages from EscortBabylon. How lucky am I to have my peace and quiet constantly disrupted by their relentless attempts to get me to use their services? I mean, who doesn’t love being bombarded with unsolicited calls and texts from a website that promotes escort services? It’s […]

Zipcash NTTA

Zipcash Fraudulent Charges By NTTA

zipcash ntta

On Monday, I received a call from a collection firm working on behalf of Zipcash or NTTA, who informed me that the first $137.00 was due. I said that after I check this with Zipcash or NTTA, I’ll give you guys a call. When I called, they said that I had a violation, which cost […]


Bedpage – Fraud/Scam/Stealing Customers Money

bedpage website logo

The Bedpage website is a SCAM and FRAUD. It’s a scam where they steal money (Bitcoins) from customers. I got ripped off by the Bedpage website by deleting my paid ad (and other people’s ads) and stealing my remaining credit, so my account showed zero credit. I was told you have to deposit $100 in […]


Hoobly Scam Phising – Fake Support

Hoobly scam

Hello – I received two sets of phishing messages from Hoobly scam support profiles. The first is “theHooblysupportteam10,” and the second is “Hooblycustomersupport”. Both request my name and email address. They used a fake email for me to respond to when I opened my account. What my email password is, and so on, and provided […]

Revolve Finance

Revolve Finance Company Is A Fraud – Scam

Hello everyone. I’m quite dissatisfied with the revolve finance company. They have charged me $21 since October 10th. A signature transaction fee of $1 is charged each time. So they’re saying I can’t spend my own money on whatever I choose. This is a brand-new account. I’m closing it right now. I’ve spoken with three […]

Blossom Flower Delivery

Theft By Blossom Flower Delivery

I placed an order online with Blossom Flower Delivery on November 3rd for over $150 worth of flowers to be delivered to my daughter’s work for her birthday. They never showed up. I called customer support only to be told that the flowers were out for delivery. I requested the name/s of the individual I […]

Alex Ogoke

Alex Ogoke of Cardinal Legal Group is fraud

Alex Ogoke of Cardinal Legal Group is disbarred from practice and was still reaching clients. On September 12 2019, The Supreme Court suspended ALEX from practice of law and he was still reaching client to turn cards in his favor. Between April 20, 2019, and March 27, 2020, plaintiffs purchased 20 properties from Chicago P.C., […]

Bear 411 / /

Bear411 / / all are scam


Verified member for a while and then i got page that asks me for a paid membership and then it says my account has been activated due to fraud. I tried to contact bear411 support which i don’t know why guided me to I thought I clicked something wrong and then went to […]


Byjus Scam – Not Responding And Not Refunding

byjus scam

Hi, I wanted to file a complaint regarding the Byjus scam. After making an additional payment for my Byju subscription on June 21, 2022. I subsequently contacted customer support via email to obtain a refund. Despite this, we have not received a response to our inquiry from Byjus. In order to view the data pertaining […]