Ordered product not delivered

I ordered table priced 19659 from https://smartmojodesk.com . I was provided a tax invoice at time of order and was assured that item will be delivered within 30 days. Now it has been more than 45 days. They swithed off their mobile. They are not responding to my emails. They are clearly frauds. I want […]

Fake tutor Recruitment

I am a tutor, I was searching for the students contacts online and found this number on google. They contacted me and invited me to a Group chat where there were many members, They posted tutor requirements posts there and when I asked for detail, they asked for 1000rs registration fees, within few days, I […]

PayPal do not honour their Customer Goods Guarantee

I lodged a case against a fraudulent company Yunhan Industrial Co., Ltd. https://www.sherrin.store/ 10.7tlwiribe0@gmail.com They advertise toolsets in my case a 10 Piece Lithium-Ion Cordless Combo Kit and a 232 piece mechanical toolset which would way up to 20 kg. Both times they delivered =74 g air cushions. The purchase was made on June 13th. […]


As YOU, not me, chose to cancel my order because you made excuse after excuse about delivering the flowers. As I ordered them on Aug 23, you had plenty of time to arrange for delivery. Instead you called me on Sept 3, the day they were to be delivered, and claimed you needed a phone […]

I am paying for platinum membership which provides tow

Service up to 50 miles free for platinum members. When my truck was dropped off after a 10.3 mile tow, I had to pay the driver 21.00 and change or he wasn’t going to drop my truck off that wenchy thing. I have made SEVERAL phone calls and emails and all I get is the […]

We ordered a 1,025 piece tool set from this company antspace.com

Received a broken pair of RayBan sunglasses instead. We have attempted contact several times with no response and the website antspace.com is no longer available.

Tyler Tech Helps Georgia Court to Doctor Court Filings

Tyler Technologies, Inc. is a software company based in Tyler, Texas with offices around the United States, including in Duluth, Georgia, outside of Atlanta. Tyler Tech does business as Odyssey File and Serve Georgia is the third party vendor electronic filing vendor for many counties in the state of Georgia, including Dekalb. Beginning in 2017 […]

Court Filings & Case Record Doctored by Court Clerk, Judges

The refusal of the judge in my divorce case, Judge Clarence Seeliger of Dekalb County Superior Court, to grant me temporary financial support even though I demonstrated a need for it, caused me to be unable to pay my personal and business bill, including my mortgage bill, which led to the foreclosure of my home. […]

Avoid This Company At All Costs

Not only will this fraudulent entity spam your phone will phone calls, texts, and emails, regardless if you’re a client or potential customer or not, they will flat out lie to you and take your hard-earned money. They operate under Reliant One Insurance Center, in addition to Nationwide Financial Services. When an unknowing customer asks […]

This place is filthy!!!!

The chais, the floors, the side tables. We got pedicures and they used what seemed to be dish soap?? And a pink scrub that was in a Tupperware container and it was 3 different colors and when they used a plastic ice cream scooper to get it out there was a long hair attached. Then […]