Reviews are paid don’ fall in trap – They pay people to post

I wish to lodge a formal complaint against a media and article publishing company known as News Anchored. It has come to my attention that this company has engaged in unethical practices, including paying individuals and agencies for fabricated reviews. Furthermore, their publications consistently fail to rank on reputable search engines like Google, indicating a […]

FAKE Reviews (This company is selling Fake Links)

Articles and links bought on this website are of no use. You will find cheap and better ranking websites without hassle-free. See the decline in traffic and so-called News Anchored is not even on Google news. So do yourself a favor and dont waste your hard earned money.

BitBurst GmbH Complaint – No Redeem Issued

Hi, My name is Chad Wranger, I am currently with POLL PAY surveys and I have tried all sorts of communication and I never get replies from BitBurst GmbH support and there seems to be a lot of complaints and nobody is getting any help or response from BitBurst GmbH. It’s so rude and I’m […] – Instagram Ad Scam, Pathetic, and Useless

My experience with can only be described as pathetic and utterly useless. Dealing with was a total nightmare. They took a whopping 15 days to send my order, only to deliver the wrong and damaged plants. I reached out to by raising a ticket, but it took them another 15 days to […]

Panda Express – Does Not Honor Offers

As of 7/2/23, management at Panda Express 1603 Wilshire Bl Los Angeles has rejected three free a la carte entree coupons from customer feedback as “expired” WITHIN VALID OFFER TIMEFRAME. By my count, Panda Express owed me three entrees. CORPORATE HAS BEEN COMPLETELY UNRESPONSIVE TO MY CALLS AND MESSAGES.

Humaniplex Scam – Stay Away From It

The quality of customer service has been very poor, I am extremely dissatisfied with the way I have been treated as a customer of humaniplex. I had four accounts on your website and had some money in them, but your staff found something suspicious about my humaniplex account and decided to close them. I immediately […]

EscortBabylon Complaint – Unwanted Phone Calls And Messages

Oh, joy, another day of incessant phone calls and messages from EscortBabylon. How lucky am I to have my peace and quiet constantly disrupted by their relentless attempts to get me to use their services? I mean, who doesn’t love being bombarded with unsolicited calls and texts from a website that promotes escort services? It’s […]

Zipcash Fraudulent Charges By NTTA

On Monday, I received a call from a collection firm working on behalf of Zipcash or NTTA, who informed me that the first $137.00 was due. I said that after I check this with Zipcash or NTTA, I’ll give you guys a call. When I called, they said that I had a violation, which cost […]

Bedpage – Fraud/Scam/Stealing Customers Money

The Bedpage website is a SCAM and FRAUD. It’s a scam where they steal money (Bitcoins) from customers. I got ripped off by the Bedpage website by deleting my paid ad (and other people’s ads) and stealing my remaining credit, so my account showed zero credit. I was told you have to deposit $100 in […]

Hoobly Scam Phising – Fake Support

Hello – I received two sets of phishing messages from Hoobly scam support profiles. The first is “theHooblysupportteam10,” and the second is “Hooblycustomersupport”. Both request my name and email address. They used a fake email for me to respond to when I opened my account. What my email password is, and so on, and provided […]