Sinda At Walmart Pharmacy, Hermiston, Oregon

Sinda treats me with contempt on a consistent basis. She is not qualified to work in the Walmart pharmacy, Hermiston, Oregon. I asked respectfully for them not to put my items in a bag. But I did not have the necessary paperwork with me at that time. She says it in a condescending manner, “I […]

Walmart Pharmacy Complaint

I used to go a lot to buy at Walmart pharmacy. When I left, there was always a man at the door who I thought was too pushy. Every time I tried to leave, he would stop me, look at my receipt, and then go through all my bags and touch everything in them. I […]


Duped into believing a Hollywood production company  (Universal Media Firm) wanted to make my book(s) into a movie by filthy scammers….. told it required an ad in the LA Times, A Webpage, screenwriter to provide Treatment and ScreenPlays…..even sent a bogus document verifying it all… TOTAL SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!A

refund amount not recieved Rs 20267

I had ordered a duroflex bed online through flipkart and also made payment of Rs 20267 on November 21 2021. Item was supposed to get delivered by November 28 2021. Item was not delivered on time and I requested for cancellation.I have not recieved my refund amount back and also i raised multiple tickets and […]


Complaint: Assault/Racial discrimination Greetings, I have been shopping with Trident Way Estate Sales for the past year. Every time I enter a sale, I’m immediately followed throughout the house by a staff member. I have made notes and even brought others with me to witness the racial discrimination. On several occasions, the women have yelled […]

Joke of a boat and company

Boat is junk, weak stringer, horrible choices of materials and clearly the cheapest, bad overall designs (looks like someone stuck in 1985 designed these boats), trying to too many things with 22′ of fiberglass, doing NONE of them decent. Not bonded together well at all! I purchased a K2 Boat 22 CRX for my grandson […]

Fraudulent Amazon Corporate eGift Card

I have purchased 3 units of Amazon Corporate e Gift cards of US$100/- each. All of them were fraudulently redeemed by someone else. There is a breach in Amazon portal and the eGift card redeem cordes were already used and not fresh codes issued. I have made complaints to Amazon customer service on 28 May […]

Immigration agency deceive me by taking amount of Rs 82600

This complaint is regarding an immigration agency who is refusing to give me my refund of Rs 82,600. So this started on 2nd April, I had called this agency for inquiring about Canada permanent residence visa. I gave all the correct information about myself during that first call. Now the Senior Immigration counselor named – […]

Wrongful auction

I was participating in an auction by NY Elizabeth on the site Live on 01/10/2021. One lot came up for auction. The red “Bid” button was displaying an amount of 2K USD. The amount lingered on, and I clicked on it (2K), nothing happened as if the site was frozen, and then suddenly the […]

Never received my $1000

Completed over the amount of requirements and never received my credit on the website. I am supposed to receive an email from reward to verify my identity for my $1000 reward. Please email me at, I am the person making the complaint