Cumegle Review: An Unpleasant User Experience Into Online Dating

Recently, I made the decision to venture into the world of online dating. Eagerly anticipating the countless possibilities of meeting new and interesting individuals. After hearing about Cumegle, a popular online dating and chatting site, I figured it was worth a shot. Little did I know that my experience would be far from the pleasant […]

Bio Lyfe

Bio Lyfe Keto Gummies Review – Extremely Bad Experience

Bio Lyfe logo

On March 16th, I placed an order for a single bottle of Keto Gummy from Bio Lyfe. They had a buy one get one free promotion going on, and the price for one bottle was advertised as $60.00 with free shipping. After placing my order, I received a confirmation email later that day. But to […]


CCI Complaint – Unauthorized Charges Being Deducted

CCI Care Logo

In October 2022, I decided to check out CCI Care website to find a housekeeper. Little did I know that this innocent search would turn into a nightmare! I never actually hired anyone or gave them permission to charge my card. But guess what? I recently discovered that they’ve been sneaking away with $68.35 from […]


FedEx Delivery – Everything Wrong – Late Arrival, Broken Items, and Unhelpful Support

Fedex delivery logo

I got an email from FedEx delivery that my package arrived on 5/12/23/ @ 5:46 PM. It didn’t. I finally found it delivered on 5/14/2023 in the morning. I had looked several times the day before so I don’t know how late it was. When I opened the package, the cap on peanut butter was […]


Poor Pepco Customer Service Experience

Pepco Logo - Pepco customer service

I want to share my recent experience with Pepco customer service. We’ve been waiting for over a month now for Pepco to come to our home and connect our electrical wiring to their system. After that, we’ve tried to reach out to the Pepco Overhead Construction Service Desk every other day to find out if […]

Duke Energy

Duke Energy Customer Service Complaint

duke energy logo - pissed consumer complaints

I am extremely dissatisfied with Duke Energy customer service. Despite frequent power outages, it takes them hours to restore it. Yesterday, we were without power for a whopping 16 hours. The text updates blamed it on down trees, but there were none in our area. I drove around and saw none. It was evident that […]


MegaPersonal Account Flagged Complaint – Poor User Experience

megapersonal website logo

In my attempt to create a Megapersonals account, an online platform for personalized classified ads, I completed all the necessary information and reached the age verification stage. I inputted my valid driver’s license ID information as requested, but instead of receiving confirmation, I received a notification that my Megapersonal account had been flagged, and to […]


Refund of TomTom Go App Double Payment

tomtom go app logo

I accidentally purchased a second licence for my TomTom Go app for R359.99. When I noticed the purchase, I immediately advised TomTom go of the error. They advised me to immediately ask for a refund – all this done in the same day. Google refused the refund but did not want to tell me on […]


Marlboro Rewards Program Issue – Missing Points And Non-Functional Coupons

Marlboro Official Logo - Marlboro Rewards Program

Upon visiting the Marlboro website, I encountered a major issue that has left me greatly dissatisfied. I have been a loyal participant in the Marlboro Rewards Program and have accrued over 15,000 points. However, they are no longer visible on the website. Additionally, I am unable to find a section where I can enter my […]

LBC Express

LBC Tracking Complaint – LBC Express Poor Review

lbc express logo - lbc tracking complaint

A representative from LBC Express contacted me via my phone number to inform me that my package had arrived on March 23, 2023, at 11 am. However, despite tracking my package with the LBC Tracking number provided, it has been showing it is delivered to my home. I am perplexed as to why both the […]