CD Universe

CD Universe Poor Service

cd universe

Poor attention to the needs of customers! I placed an order for an “express” shipment of video CDs with the intention of giving them as a present to a friend who lives in another country. I was sent a confirmation email, but CD Universe decided to put my transaction on hold for phone address verification. […]


Pissed With FedEx Poor Customer Service

We have been notified that our delivery was “Out For Delivery” in the 5 past few days. Gee, guess what, NO DELIVERY! My past experiences with FedEx have been the same POOR SERVICE. When I order anything for delivery in the future and if FedEx is the carrier I will request a different carrier and […]

Miraj Cinema

Miraj Cinema — Food Cost Included In Ticket Price

Hello, I went to watch a movie on Wednesday at Miraj Cinema, Dhuri (Sangrur). Your employees provided me with ticket pricing such as 240 and 210, both of which included the cost of meals. I inform your personnel that I do not require food and requested tickets that do not include a fee for food. […]


Groupon Not Accepting Vouchers

If I’m being completely honest with you, I have a lot of unfavorable thoughts about Groupon. I have been communicating with Groupon via email on many occasions over the course of the past two months. Having said that, in spite of this, I have not yet obtained any kind of response from their end. After […]


Login Issue With FB Account

fb account logged off

Sir, My FB account, which is protected by a two-step verification process. This has been inaccessible to me, Siya Sharan Kumar, from the 17th of, May 22nd. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. The 17th of May saw the implementation of this safeguard, which has been in effect since. After you’ve selected […]


False Facebook Account Suspension

To whom it may concern, I would like to inform you that I have been unable to access my personal Facebook account. Since my official id has been suspended. My Facebook id is going to be terminated in fifteen days. Because I can’t accept the choice that was made regarding it, and I can’t accept […]


Won’t Help Me With Hacked Facebook Account

Facebook Image

My Facebook account was hacked. The website seems unwilling to help me resolve the issue or restore control of my account in any way. My identification was checked. I’ve been given the green light to recover access to my account now that it’s been authenticated. I am grateful to you for your assistance. The hacker, […]


MegaPersonals – Flagging My Account Unreasonably


I have used Megapersonals from the beginning in November 2021. When I logged in, I discovered that the megapersonals account I’d been using for more than a year had been flagged, and that I was no longer able to use it. I was able to create a new account by using authentic and up-to-date photographs […]

Skyking Courier

Skyking Courier Tracking Complaint

skyking courier

My cousin shipped me a package through SkyKing Courier more than two weeks ago, but I have not yet gotten it. She was the one who suggested to me about using the SkyKing Courier & SkyKing Courier Tracking service. As she has been using their services for a while now. To be honest, I have […]


Sinda At Walmart Pharmacy, Hermiston, Oregon

Sinda treats me with contempt on a consistent basis. She is not qualified to work in the Walmart pharmacy, Hermiston, Oregon. I asked respectfully for them not to put my items in a bag. But I did not have the necessary paperwork with me at that time. She says it in a condescending manner, “I […]