Heard bad things about Fintiba

I have heard many bad things from fellow students about the blocked bank account in Germany. Fintiba looks young, but they are making many mistakes. Sometimes parts of the money is missing or missing completely which is of course worst case. They are not trusted anymore amongst my friends.

We can not recommend

Walked in to grab a bite to eat and dance the night away. But was denied. All the tables were reserved and there wasn’t one free table to sit at. And the place was half empty. We live local and wanted to try some local places but this is one we can not recommend.

Denied entry

Denied entry just coz one of the bouncers had a mood. Ministry of sound is no cheap venue, expected better service but couldn’t even get in. Please screen people you are hiring. Received no response to any emails reporting my experience as well.

Threatened to slap my friend in the face

Bought tickets to an event here and was greeted with very nasty bouncers and security. We ignored them and proceeded to go in. Went into the toilet not realising that there were separate queues. So my friend went one way and I went the other way. Immediately security stopped her before she even entered the […]

Terrible company

Such a terrible company or the person who did the agreement was very unprofessional. I did not receive any service yet received ticket from Sanitation since they said truck would come but did not come to pick up. Then I tried to cancel the service after not having service for 3 weeks for my coffee […]

Terribly run

After a day of exploring i came back to find 2 maintenance workers in my room. One immediately said “we are just fixing the lock, none of your stuff is missing” which made me think the exact opposite of course. He then said that someone from front desk was supposed to inform me before they […]

Staff very rude

I wanted to ask a question regarding my dog and staff members acted like I was deeply offending them for even asking. I had assumed it was part of the job description with BC Ferries to deal with the passengers and at least be polite even if they are unable to help

Worse service EVER!!

Submitted a order on 9/27 was told order would be done on 10/8 called order wasn’t ready I was promised he would come in on the weekend and get caught up on his orders and to call back on the following Tuesday so I did order still not ready. Today is 10/23 and he Just […]

If I could give zero stars I would

Bartender chased down onto the street an a 81 year old man (who is a Dublin man btw) because he took a copy of the Home and Away Newspaper, which is FREE. Real nice. Just another example of why the bars on the westside are continuously closing. This is not the first time a member […]

If it wasn’t for the location it wouldn’t even get 1 star

We stayed at the hotel for my birthday. I liked the location so I gave it a one star for that. The vending machine downstairs took my husbands money TWICE. The tea/water area had no water or tea. The servers during the breakfast time were extremely rude. We asked for towels two nights in a […]