Kyari – A Complete Waste of Money and Time

I had an absolutely dreadful experience with, and I feel compelled to share my disappointment. This company’s complete disregard for customer satisfaction is truly astonishing. To start with, it took an excruciatingly long 15 days for to even send my order. I could have grown my own plants in that time! But the […]

Meesho Complaint – Missing Item

Meesho Complaints I have ordered 3 Tshirt from Meesho but when I open the product there is a lower under my parcel and it is in very bad condition and my order id is 28033312960 on I have ordered 3 T-shirts but I can get a lower in a garbage condition. Take action about […]

Personal training sessions not reimbursed

I am a member in this gym almost since day 1. Covid however has dealt a bad blow to this gym. I had paid for my personal training and to my surprise after the gym opened I was told to pay extra money for my pending sessions! The icing on the cake was that I […]

No delivery of purchased item

This is a letter that I wrote to this unscrupulous merchant: Dear Sirs, I am really concerned. This is one of many emails that I had sent to you concerning the delivery of my laundry folder which I had purchased way back on August 23rd. It is now October 23rd and TWO MONTHS since I […]

They never deliver anything- Never ever buy from them.

I saw lot of reviews on their website and all positive so I ordered few items worth 3544 and 2 month now still they havent delivered. They dont have any support number and there cath guy is so lame that they dint even bother to reply. Never ever buy from them.

Fake ,Don’t Waste your time- Deanna Mannix is back again

Scammer alert; The scam is previously known as Money Catch has been now morphed into Heir Hunters Australia, Deanna Mannix a known financial scammer has attempted to disguise her self and distance herself from Heir Hunters Australia the latest ‘name’ that is being used in her scam, Deanna Mannix is an inheritance Scam con woman […]