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Kyari – A Complete Waste of Money and Time

September 14, 2023
1/5.00 reviews

I had an absolutely dreadful experience with, and I feel compelled to share my disappointment. This company’s complete disregard for customer satisfaction is truly astonishing.

To start with, it took an excruciatingly long 15 days for to even send my order. I could have grown my own plants in that time! But the agony didn’t stop there. When the package finally arrived, I was greeted with a sight that can only be described as a horticultural horror show. Not only were the plants entirely wrong – not even close to what I had ordered – but the pots that came with them were in a pitiful state. They were chipped, cracked, and looked like they’d been through a war.

I attempted to reach out to for help by raising a ticket. It took them another eternity of 15 days to grace me with a response, and I use the term “response” loosely. When they finally decided to grace me with their attention, they sent the correct plants. But with a twist of cruelty, they replaced the damaged pots with cheap, plastic atrocities that wouldn’t even pass muster in a dollar store.

My experience with has left me feeling cheated and utterly disheartened. It seems that this company cares more about luring unsuspecting consumers with flashy Instagram ads than delivering on its promises. They have no qualms about robbing hardworking individuals blind. Leaving them with subpar products and a sour taste in their mouths.

In conclusion, I strongly advise against wasting your hard-earned money on Their blatant disregard for customer satisfaction and their apparent lack of quality control are nothing short of abhorrent. Spare yourself the anguish and the disappointment; there are plenty of reputable businesses out there that deserve your patronage far more than does.


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