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Email : contact@heirhuntersaustralia.com.au

Phone/Mobile No. : (02) 8003 4464

Website :https://heirhuntersaustralia.com.au/

Location : Saint James Centre 99 Elizabeth St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Business : Heir hunters Australia

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Fake ,Don’t Waste your time- Deanna Mannix is back again

January 3, 2020
1/5.00 reviews

Scammer alert; The scam is previously known as Money Catch has been now morphed into Heir Hunters Australia, Deanna Mannix a known financial scammer has attempted to disguise her self and distance herself from Heir Hunters Australia the latest ‘name’ that is being used in her scam, Deanna Mannix is an inheritance Scam con woman that has used the following names to run her white-collar criminal ring; AURFS, Money Catch, Australian Unrecovered Finance Services, unclaimed money professionals. Heir Hunters Australia is the new face of Money Catch/ Deanna Mannix a scam service, the owner is, a sociopath that uses underhanded tactics to damage competitors that she feels threatened by. She is what you’d call ‘gutter trash’ and even that description is too kind.

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