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Meet America’s Premier Price-Gouger during a Pandemic

November 3, 2020
1/5.00 reviews

Here’s a riddle:
What does a call from Charter/Spectrum Communications have in common with a visit to the proctologist?
Answer: You get reamed out with both of them! For your edification–and as a stern warning about the firm–here is my tale:

After filing complaints of severe price gouging, misrepresentation of offers and fees, and other forms of customer abuse by Spectrum TV & Internet Service, a branch of Charter Communications, I finally received a call from Charter’s corporate level. Since the caller stated her name too fast for me to notate, I will refer to her as the Very Nice Lady, or VNL for short. The VNL told me that this call was Charter/Spectrum’s response to my complaints; that led me to expect some conciliation from her, or some accommodation to my complaints of price gouging which punished customer loyalty with higher charges in a second year of service than what those already-overpriced services had cost in our first year with Spectrum. In order to get the feel for her reply, consider this analogy: You call your doctor with concern over a bad cold, and the doctor then tells you: “You think that’s bad — wait until I tell you that you have stage-four cancer, too!”

And so it was, when the Very Nice Lady, Charter/Spectrum’s VNL, told me that ON TOP OF THE SECOND-YEAR-OF-SERVICE INCREASE OF MORE THAN TWENTY DOLLARS IN OUR SPECTRUM TV & INTERNET SERVICE COSTS, WE WERE SLATED FOR AN ADDITIONAL INCREASE OF SOME THIRTY DOLLARS ONCE OUR 3RD YEAR BEGAN!”WHY?” I asked; the reason given by the VNL was that our remaining “promotion” would expire then, raising our monthly cost AGAIN — SO THAT OUR CUSTOMER LOYALTY OVER TWO YEARS WAS PUNISHED BY HAVING TO PAY $50 MORE FOR THE EXACT SAME SERVICE? THINK: FLAWED BUSINESS MODEL & SHAMEFUL PRICE GOUGING! Now, when I first signed up with Spectrum, nobody told me those “promotions” would be expiring and costs would go sky-high and when I called FIVE TIMES this year, after being told there should be new “promotions” for me: THERE WERE NONE!

Now, it appears that what prompted the VNL’s call was actually not my many emails to Charter/Spectrum corporate-level officials, including all their officers and their media honchos. No, what most likely prompted her call was my initial posting of fair, balanced, and accurate reviews of Spectrum on several internet consumer websites. Those postings also led the VNL to tell me that I had been notified of the expiration of these “promotions” on my monthly Spectrum bill — she knew, of course, that nobody reads the fine print on those bills, so I advised her to post at the top that consumers had better read the whole bill, looking for hidden meanings and misleading phraseology, as even the word “promotion” was misused by Charter/Spectrum; a more accurate term would be “come on” or perhaps “bait and switch” or — even better — they might call their customer-abuse what it really is: price gouging by punishing customer loyalty through forcing major fee increases for more years of service. It is bad enough to abuse your customers during a normal service period; to do so during a pandemic is despicable! The reality that Spectrum — a term rhyming with the proctologist’s favorite part of our anatomy — engages in customer abuse has become even clearer after the VNL’s recent phone call: Charter/Spectrum prefers price gouging to minimal corporate decency!


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