Spectrum/Charter Communications

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Email :john.bickham@charter.com

Phone/Mobile No. :8884382427

Website :N/A

Location :6360 S. Fiddler's Green Circle, Greenwood Village CO 80111

Dishonest and disorganized

In the summer I received a promotion call from Spectrum who I have internet services with. The offered to upgrade the internet speed (which I wanted) so I agreed. They offered and hard sold a promotion that included Apple TVs for use with the internet. I agreed to this as well since it seemed like […]

Meet America’s Premier Price-Gouger during a Pandemic

Here’s a riddle: What does a call from Charter/Spectrum Communications have in common with a visit to the proctologist? Answer: You get reamed out with both of them! For your edification–and as a stern warning about the firm–here is my tale: After filing complaints of severe price gouging, misrepresentation of offers and fees, and other […]