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MegaPersonal Account Flagged Complaint – Poor User Experience

April 25, 2023
1/5.00 reviews

In my attempt to create a Megapersonals account, an online platform for personalized classified ads, I completed all the necessary information and reached the age verification stage. I inputted my valid driver’s license ID information as requested, but instead of receiving confirmation, I received a notification that my Megapersonal account had been flagged, and to contact the administrator for further information.

Since then, I have sent several emails and reported the issue through the available bug reporting feature on the Megapersonal website. However, despite my efforts, I haven’t received any feedback or resolution on my account flagging matter, and it’s been at least five days now.

This experience with my Megapersonals account flagging has left me feeling frustrated and disappointed with the platform’s customer service. As a potential user, I expected a smooth and efficient registration process and prompt assistance in case of issues. Unfortunately, my experience has been the opposite. I hope that Megapersonals website will take the necessary steps to address this issue and improve their customer service in the future.

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