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MegaPersonals – Flagging My Account Unreasonably

July 28, 2022
1/5.00 reviews

I have used Megapersonals from the beginning in November 2021. When I logged in, I discovered that the megapersonals account I’d been using for more than a year had been flagged, and that I was no longer able to use it. I was able to create a new account by using authentic and up-to-date photographs of myself together with a legitimate photo identification card. Only for it to be taken down approximately one month later for the identical reasons why it was initially removed.

I’ve attempted to create a number of new accounts on megapersonal, each time using a different phone number, a different email address, actual pictures, and a valid id. I’ve even had some of my friends try to create profiles of their own. To where either I get to the point where it asks for the ID verification and as soon as it’s uploaded the account is flagged (this has happened several times), and on my most recent attempt it didn’t even get to the verification step; it flagged me after the ad was made! I don’t understand why this is happening.

I have utilized a variety of browsers, virtual private networks (VPNs), emails, and phone numbers, and I have always obtained authentic photographs and positive feedback. Because of the significant contribution that this website makes to my income, I am in desperate need of assistance in resolving this issue. In the nearly eight months that I’ve been struggling with this issue, Megapersonal customer care has only been in touch with me twice with a response.

I am so angry that I could burst into tears!! I have exhausted every option, but I keep getting kicked off for no apparent reason… IM BEYOND STRESSED. This website has to be managed by those that are truly going to be of assistance!!! After using this website for a number of years, all of a sudden I am having problems with it. I am completely inactive… This is how I make money to support myself and my family… They do not react to e-mails, which raises the question: why???? This defies all logic and reason.

This has been a Very irritating experience for me, so if they are able to fix this HUGE problem, or if anybody else has a solution or a means to create and verify an account, please let me know.

-Miss Nicole Daniels

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