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Faulty Product Supplied but not Replaced by IFB

January 5, 2021
1/5.00 reviews

Dear Consumer complaints Team

I purchased an IFB convection oven -20CS2 model through Amazon. in. Date of purchase 30/07/2019.

It worked only for initial 1-2 months. Some major functions including the start button stopped working. So I registered a service complaint with IFB. The service engineer attended and replaced the touch panel on his second visit and said everything is fine. But the problem still continued , So we informed him again. We explained to him that it appears to be a faulty logic board since certain crucial functions like grill. convection still remain disabled, but he said it is only a touch panel problem and changed the front panel once again.

Two engineers attended.
First Engineer: Mob-0091-7045119923
Second engineer: Mob:0091-9920180438

But after one day again all major functions of the oven stopped working. Now only one function “Express cooking” is working. All other functions are disabled. They advised me to register online complaint to IFB customer care. After that we have made several requests to the customer service (toll free 18604255678 & 18602085678) through phone and also several email complaints and online communications to IFB customer care email. But till now there is no response even after several tries in spite of a few email acknowledgements received from IFB care.

After that I registered several online complaints through “Get in touch” option, but never received any service ticket number for tracking and also no response from customer care. However we received 2 confirmation calls from Goa office assuring us the best service to resolve our technical issue with our product. During the call, we explained about the persistent logic board problem and requested the customer care to replace the faulty product but till now there is no response and the problem is still pending to be resolved by IFB. We have requested by email and also online get in touch option to replace the faulty product supplied to us.

This appeared to be a problem with the “internal program logic” circuit and a faulty product that IFB has supplied. Till now the oven is not fully functional only express button working

After being frustrated with the lack of response from IFB care, we directly called ‘Aryan Service- Mumbai’ by searching through google and truecaller service. The service engineers from Aryan agency promptly attended the request and tested the functions by a new touch panel again, but they were not able to repair the logic PCB- board problem. After testing, the engineers confirmed that it is not a touch panel issue, but the mother board- PCB is faulty and need to be replaced.
Aryan service engineer(09821199871)-who has confirmed the PCB problem and the need to replace the faulty PCB.

Non response from IFB has caused a lot of mental tension to my family due to the time and unsuccessful efforts spent by my family members in following up with the IFB customer care.

I request you to help me replace the faulty logic board or the faulty product from IFB or arrange for full refund from IFB for the faulty non-functional product supplied to us.

Thank you


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