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Pissed With FedEx Poor Customer Service

December 7, 2022
1/5.00 reviews

We have been notified that our delivery was “Out For Delivery” in the 5 past few days. Gee, guess what, NO DELIVERY! My past experiences with FedEx have been the same POOR SERVICE. When I order anything for delivery in the future and if FedEx is the carrier I will request a different carrier and if they tell me that, that is my only choice I’ll cancel the order. This is total B.S.

I made numerous calls to FedEx customer service, a case was opened, and “research completed” by FedEx resulting in the statement “the package was delivered”. Yeah, but not to me. That doesn’t matter to them at all. Shocked by the level of ignorance. Everyday stays says the next day but never arrives. Would never use their service again. So disappointed!

FedEx doesn’t want to be informed of such as they make it nearly impossible to contact them to report any problems. If you are not the “shipper”, they don’t care. If they would do an audit of the amount of merchandise destroyed by their company, it would be an astounding amount. In the last 3 weeks, FedEx has destroyed and lost 5 shipments. The box is clearly labeled as “FRAGILE”, but they toss them around like footballs.

Every time they ships my order it’s always late or lost. I told them to refund the money! However, that part was never given as a choice! LIARS! I wish ALL companies would stop using them. If your company only uses FedEx, I will stop purchasing online from your company! They suck and need to be sued then out of business.


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