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False Facebook Account Suspension

September 1, 2022
1/5.00 reviews

To whom it may concern, I would like to inform you that I have been unable to access my personal Facebook account. Since my official id has been suspended. My Facebook id is going to be terminated in fifteen days. Because I can’t accept the choice that was made regarding it, and I can’t accept it since I can’t agree with it.
I have no idea what led to the suspension of my Facebook account. I don’t even know why it happened. Facebook has informed me that my id does not adhere to the community guidelines. Even though I am not aware of having violated any of the aforementioned guidelines in any way.
Facebook requested that I provide any one of my identification proofs so that they could verify my identity. To lift the suspension placed on my account. I have also submitted a photograph of the official document of identity that I use at all times for my identity verification. Which is my passport, so that it may be inspected. But even after I provided them with verification of my identification. They did not have anything that would allow them to lift the suspension of my Facebook account to this very day. They don’t even provide me any proper explanation for the delay in the uplifting of my suspension.
My only request is that after it was briefly suspended. My Facebook account be made active again as soon as it is feasible to do so from a technological standpoint. If you can aid me with regaining access to my account. It would be greatly appreciated.

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