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Facebook Let Hackers On My Profile But Won’t Let Me Access It

I am so furious with Facebook I have been locked out of my Facebook account. Which isn’t just a social site for me. I run and advertise thru Facebook account for both of my small businesses. All of my client’s contact info is on each of my business pages thru my account since the 8th […]

False Facebook Account Suspension

To whom it may concern, I would like to inform you that I have been unable to access my personal Facebook account. Since my official id has been suspended. My Facebook id is going to be terminated in fifteen days. Because I can’t accept the choice that was made regarding it, and I can’t accept […]

Won’t Help Me With Hacked Facebook Account

My Facebook account was hacked. The website seems unwilling to help me resolve the issue or restore control of my account in any way. My identification was checked. I’ve been given the green light to recover access to my account now that it’s been authenticated. I am grateful to you for your assistance. The hacker, […]

Facebook account stolen

My Facebook account was stolen on February 13, I am unable to log in or retrieve my account. I have tried using the Help Line on Facebook but it just runs me in circles. I would like to be advised of the next, best step. Thanks so much.

Facebook is the Company of the DEVIL

I hate facebook so much! They don’t give a bleep about people! I was on a 30 day ban for something I did not do and now, I’m on another 30 day ban for the same stupid reason! Why does facebook keep kicking people off? I thought it was a safe place where people can […]