Loft Credit Card Complaint Dispute

LOFT Logo - Loft Credit Card Complaint Dispute

I’d like to share my frustrating experience with the Loft credit card. Back in June 2022, I made a final payment to pay off my balance in full. However, a few weeks later, I received a refund for the same amount. I thought I might have overpaid and cashed the check. Unfortunately, in September 2022, […]


Wayfair Customer Service Complaint – Unresolved Purchase Item Issue

wayfair logo - wayfair customer service complaint

I recently made a purchase on Wayfair’s clearance section, specifically a chair. I was thrilled to receive a confirmation email indicating that my order had been shipped and would arrive on a specific date. However, that date came and went with no delivery. I decided to contact Wayfair customer service to inquire about the delay. […]


GroupOn Customer Service Terrible Experience

Groupon customer service

I am dissatisfied with the GroupOn customer service provided to me. Despite paying for my order, I have yet to receive it. If I cannot obtain my order, I request a refund without delay. As a result, I will not be using GroupOn again since it appears to be impossible to contact GroupOn customer service. […]


Bellelily Review – Low Quality Customer Care Service

bellelily logo

I am writing this Bellelily review to express my extreme disappointment with your website. As a regular customer, I have always appreciated the affordable prices and fashionable clothing options offered by Bellelily. However, my recent experience with your website has left me feeling extremely dissatisfied and unsatisfied with the services provided. Firstly, I found the […]


Promlily Complaint – Received A Substandard Prom Dress

Promlily Logo

With utmost disappointment and frustration I take to writing this complaint to express my displeasure with the substandard prom dress, I received from the Promlily website. Despite my high expectations for the elegant and exquisite dress I had ordered from your website, what I got was far from the advertised product. The dress was a […]


Carters Credit Card Complaint – Not Working Properly

carters credit card issue

On January 2nd, 2023, I placed an order. As soon as I entered my Carters credit card information. The website sent it back to me with a message that my credit card had a problem. That struck me as odd, so I attempted it a couple more times, but each time it was rejected with […]


Alibaba The Scammers, The Crooks

The online marketplace known as is home to the world’s most notorious con artists. Because Alibaba permits any business that advertises on their website to purchase “gold/platinum and premium” membership logos to promote on their site for $300-$500. Customers have the impression that the business in question is a respectable one. Most clients turn […]

JC Penney

JC Penney – Poor Quality Jean

jc penny torn up jean

About two weeks ago, I went out and got a new pair of jeans from JC Penney. After only four times of wearing them, the right rear pocket tore away from the pants completely. As a direct consequence of this, my underwear was shown for all to see in the space that existed between the […]

First Cry

First Cry – Fabric Colour Spreading

This is to inform you that I am extremely dissatisfied with my order for babyhug night suit donald duck print, which was delivered on 20/11/2022. I didn’t use the product because I had ordered it for Christmas. As a result, I used it yesterday for the first time, and my product was mostly red. Some […]

Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova – Package Not Delivered But Shows Received

It would not be fair to say that I have never been through this process. While I have been shopping at Fashion Nova for a while. I had a strange experience when these people informed me that my package had been delivered. When, in fact, it hadn’t. They are using this freaking shipping company that […]