Facebook Let Hackers On My Profile But Won’t Let Me Access It

I am so furious with Facebook I have been locked out of my Facebook account. Which isn’t just a social site for me. I run and advertise thru Facebook account for both of my small businesses. All of my client’s contact info is on each of my business pages thru my account since the 8th […]


Bitburst Refuse To Release My Funds


Bitburst is the parent company of the pole pay survey site I started doing surveys. Yesterday, I finally reached the $15 Cash-Out limit. The closer you get the cash-out. The Bless the surveys are worth two cash out to go and you have to get the $15 to cash out to go. They told me […]


Ecoline – Poor Product and Service

For more than 2 years we have been trying to resolve excessive condensation on the outside of the newly installed windows by Ecoline. Whenever we try to contact Ecoline service you always get a recording and are told to file a complaint online. Never can you get to talk to a live person? Four times […]


Outboard Exchange in CT Tim Hogan

To Whom It May Concern, The following was sent to OUTBOARD EXCHANGE/OWNER TIM HOGAN, 364 Mago Point Way, Waterford, CT 06385/860-437-0060 * Months leading up to November 2020, I had been in touch with OWNER TIM HOGAN of OUTBOARD EXCHANGE in WATERFORD, CT. I explained to him that my wife and I had purchased a […]

Eai Bank

Frauds, Scamster, Unethical and Rude people

Operating people here are so rude and Dr. Vasileios Xeniadis is rude and unethical. I posted a complaint recently on the blog and he pays people to clean everything. The operations are very bad and not transparent at all. Stay away – Zero stars


Christmas Present Failed Delivery

I ordered a short-sleeved t shirt on December 11 and paid for it by my debit card, within an hour I emailed back a corrected order and was informed I would have to pay an additional $5.00 to change my order which I did. I paid also for a delivery fee with promises my Christmas […]

Swastik Vivah Sanstha


Hello, On 22 March 2021 I received a message on whatsapp that to she (Dipali Shinde) is from matrimony site swastikvivahsanstha.com. I verified the site. She sent me one girls profile for marriage and made a conference call with her. After that she asked me to do registration for Rs 3000. I paid via Google […]

United health care

negative service

i required medical care thru UHC only to be passed back and forth to a call center in the philippines…MY LOCATION IS OXFORD ALA — AND THE PHILIPPINE CALL CENTER HAS NO COMPREHENSION OF ANY REQUEST .i paid for my treatment out of pocket plus prescriptions. UNDER NO CIRCUSTANCES CONSIDER UHC — IT WILL BE […]

EMerchant Club

Fraudulent Practices-stealing money

This company deceptively gets you to sign up to their services, temporarily with the promise that they will contact you to review the status of your request to continue services or cancel. They NEVER contacted me and started withdrawing money out of my bank account without my consent and then accused me of lying. Now […]

TransUnion Credit Union


Have never delt with such an inept company/business. Apparently I’m not the only individual that feels way considering all the extremely negative responses. July 18,2019 purchased a auto loan and had 5 inquires for financing the best option. 5 inquires on 1 auto the same day should as 1 inquire according to TransUnion Rep., TransUnion […]