Uber Eats Charge Dispute – Seeking Assistance with Lost Money

My name is Biji Sreekumarannair. I am residing in Mississauga. On January 22nd, 2024, I lost $65.80 from my bank account. It says Uber Eats pending. I noticed this in my online bank statement only after 1 week. I have never delivered food for the last couple of years. My only source of income is […]

The Marketing Academy for Small Business Accelerates Success

In a world where entrepreneurship fuels dreams and drives economies, the journey of a small business owner can often feel like navigating through a maze without a map. However, nestled amidst the chaos, Marketing Academy with Small Business emerges as a guiding light, offering small businesses the tools and knowledge they need to thrive in […]

NewsAnchored Actually Did Well!

Not really a complaint. I just find it unfair that NewsAnchored is getting so much flak. But it’s actually really delivered for me, my business and my clientele. 5 stars!

Royal Migration Solutions – Cheating People And Taking Their Money

Royal Migration Services is the worst agency in Dubai. They took 8000 AED from me now one year. No proper response from their end.. Every time people keep on changing and always say they will call back and no response after that. I request all the supporters to come together and file a complaint againt […]

Walmart Engaged In False Advertising

I placed an online order with Walmart.com for pick up at the Walmart located at 6433 Fallbrook Ave. West Hills, Ca.91307. They offered an excellent price on cases of Purina Fancy Feast Elegant Medley’s Chicken, packs of 24 3OZ cans. They were priced at only $1.05 a case. I purchased 12 cases, the maximum allowed. […]

AT&T – Horrific Billing and Service Experience

I’m being charged for service that I didn’t receive a telephone plan changed without my knowledge or permission. I made many contacts with AT&T customer support to straighten this out. Was connected to wrong department an talked to very rudely. Asked for a recording of me approving this an was hung up on. I’m being […]

Cotosen Delivery Order Delay / Error

I have not received my package yet from Cotosen. Delivery number: INT’L – 00634188066 I would like a delivery or a refund.

Ally Bank Complaint – Poor Online Banking and Customer Service

Ally Bank, oh where do I even begin with my frustration? It’s been an absolute nightmare dealing with Ally Bank’s money transactions and their abysmal customer service. It’s as if they’re operating in an alternate reality where customer satisfaction doesn’t matter. First and foremost, Ally Bank’s money transactions have been a constant source of stress […]

Global Capital Partners Fund Complaints – A Frustrated User Experience

As a desperate individual in need of financial assistance. I sought solace in what appeared to be a glimmer of hope – Global Capital Partners Fund. Little did I know that this encounter would quickly turn into a nightmare of despair and frustration, peppered with Global Capital Partners Fund Complaints. My journey with this moneylender […]

Costco Ess Complaint – Can’t Login To My Account

Man, let me tell you, I’ve been dealing with a major headache when it comes to my Costco Ess account. It’s been one frustration after another, and I can’t seem to catch a break. Logging in has become a downright infuriating experience. I’ve tried everything under the sun, but no matter what I do, I […]