Royal Migration Solution For Providing Visa in Covid 19

Right from selecting the best university to securing the student visa, Royal migration helped me through the entire process. Although currently studying from home due to the lockdown measures as a result of COVID 19, I looked forward to my traveling by next year. Thanks, royal migration for everything.

Complaint against Fed Ex driver

This complaint is against Federal Express. I complained about this driver before. The tracking number for this delivery complaint is 909049839645 A Fed Ex driver who delivers to our condo complex is acting spiteful after my initial complaint in June against him for dumping packages on a landing leading to my apartment after knocking down […]

I need good healthcare please

The hospital continues to be an issue I went to the Er 9/5/20220. They were nasty they have no bedside demeanor or at least refuse to use any when it comes to me. They talk smack about me at the nurse’s station which often times I overhear much of whats said more offten than not. […] – They didn’t delivered

I hired this agency way back for lead generation and few of my online work but everything they delivered was disappointment. Sold me hell lot of packages like hubspot ,bla bla bla but they never delivered anything. They will attract you with the fake certifications or partnerships but all they do is hire some local […]

Don’t trust these frauds and blood suckers

Hi, We had taken a process called Online form filling from “Amigo Info Services” the process is nothing but ad posting on various online classifieds. Initially, we had many doubts about the process but they never cleared our doubts until we pay the 2 lakh upfront. Then only they did the online signup and gave […]

Out and out scam

Scamming honest people with fake posotive reviews on his newly set up company. Nothing at all honest about this business. Information he is selling is freely available anywhere on the internet as I found out for myself and there are numerous reports on the owner of this business pressurising people on the phone to buy […]