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Walmart Engaged In False Advertising

November 5, 2023
1/5.00 reviews

I placed an online order with for pick up at the Walmart located at 6433 Fallbrook Ave. West Hills, Ca.91307. They offered an excellent price on cases of Purina Fancy Feast Elegant Medley’s Chicken, packs of 24 3OZ cans. They were priced at only $1.05 a case. I purchased 12 cases, the maximum allowed. But when I went to pick up my packs, they only brought out a bag of 12 cans.

I believe that they young man’s name was Hector who originally brought the wrong quantity to my car. I insisted that they were supposed to be cases and showed him the confirmation email which stated this. He had his supervisor, Walter Cox, come speak with me. I wanted him to honor the advertised purchase price. In turn, Walter went to retrieve his supervisor (not sure of the titles but he was referred to as head coach) a man with the first name of Art. Art would not provide me with his last name.

I lodged my complaint all over again, stating that it was their advertised price and that they should honor it. Both men were saying that it was a mistake. The price for one can was $1.05, and that it wasn’t their doing, but That the company made a lot of these sorts of mistakes.

I said that well, it was still the same company they were working for. I don’t doubt that it was a mistake, but the mistake wasn’t mine. But they refused to honor the pricing, claiming, in part, that they did not have enough inventory.

It didn’t matter to them that I had the paperwork showing my purchase in hand. They did not consider it their problem. I spent over an hours time in terms of travel, waiting, and arguing for nothing. I refused to accept the 12 cans in lieu of 12 cases (packages of 24 three-ounce cans.) A hold was originally placed with my credit card for the money ($13.44) which was later released or refunded.

But I had counted on this purchase, and it is my contention that this was false advertising. It might have been by mistake, but it was still a falsehood. I later tried to chat on their site about the problem. The artificial intelligence did not understand or process.

Walmart makes it hard to find their email, but I finally did. But they were no help whatsoever, especially since I informed them that I was considering filing this legal complaint against them. The company has no honor and seems to claim they have no responsibility to act in good faith. Here are the additional details: My pick-up order number is: 2000114-45301785. Order date: Oct 20, 2023.

Attempt to pick up date was also Oct. 20, 2023. Part of their emailed response claimed that I, as a customer, cancelled the order. I did not. I simply refused to accept 12 cans rather than 12 cases. Walmart’s reference number in response to this case is: 231021-23939-4859-0000 Here’s a screenshot of my original order confirmation if I can paste it below:


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