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Breach of Trust by Financial Power of Attorney

Kenneth S. Levine is my estranged brother and Georgia immigration attorney at the law firm of Levine & Eskandari who I signed over a temporary financial power of attorney to back in 2016 while I was illegally & improperly jailed for contempt by Judge Courtney Johnson of Dekalb County Superior Court for refusing to turn […]

Tyler Tech Helps Georgia Court to Doctor Court Filings

Tyler Technologies, Inc. is a software company based in Tyler, Texas with offices around the United States, including in Duluth, Georgia, outside of Atlanta. Tyler Tech does business as Odyssey File and Serve Georgia is the third party vendor electronic filing vendor for many counties in the state of Georgia, including Dekalb. Beginning in 2017 […]

Court Filings & Case Record Doctored by Court Clerk, Judges

The refusal of the judge in my divorce case, Judge Clarence Seeliger of Dekalb County Superior Court, to grant me temporary financial support even though I demonstrated a need for it, caused me to be unable to pay my personal and business bill, including my mortgage bill, which led to the foreclosure of my home. […]