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Breach of Trust by Financial Power of Attorney

January 13, 2021
1/5.00 reviews

Kenneth S. Levine is my estranged brother and Georgia immigration attorney at the law firm of Levine & Eskandari who I signed over a temporary financial power of attorney to back in 2016 while I was illegally & improperly jailed for contempt by Judge Courtney Johnson of Dekalb County Superior Court for refusing to turn of my medical service dog during my divorce case. Sonia Levine v. Sam Levine, Dekalb County Superior Court, Case No. 14-CV-1064.

I granted financial power of attorney granted to my long time estranged brother the power to deal with some of my financial affairs and to safeguard my medical service dog until I was released from jail and as ordered by the court. In other words, my brother was directed and ordered by the court to care for my dog until I went to pick him up, which was for a few weeks. Long story short. I agreed to pay for my ex-wife’s attorney fees & a couple of other things (which I did) in return for her giving me back my service dog. The attorney fees were upwards of $60,000, which I would presumably be making monthly payments on.

When I was released from jail, I went straight to my brother’s house to pick my dog up and was told by my brother that he had turned him over to a domestic violence shelter, which my brother, his wife and my ex-wife and her attorney all conspired & colluded to do. My brother then told me to call my ex-wife’s divorce attorney, David Givelber (complete unethical scumbag) and he told me to leave his house or he would call the police. Remember, this is my brother and financial power of attorney that was still in effect. (what a prick).

After I left his house, I called him to discuss why he placed my dog with a domestic violence shelter when the court ordered that he hold on & protect my dog and then he swore out a warrant for my arrest for harassing phone calls which led to my arrest causing me considered money, time and stress to resolve. He also took out a temporary protective order against me (again, what a prick) and then after I hired an attorney several months later to represent me in getting my dog back, my brother whose financial power of attorney I had since revoked, testified against me as an adverse witness on behalf of my ex-wife. (what an even bigger prick — do you see a pattern?).

Under Georgia law, O.C.G.A. 10-6-141, a financial power of attorney is required to safeguard and protect your property (dogs and other pets are considered “chattel” under Georgia law). My brother did not do this. Also, under O.C.G.A. 10-6-21, your agent (POA) may only act with the authority granted to him and furthermore, under O.C.G.A. 10-6-26, your power of attorney (who is considered your “agent” & you/me the “principal), may not contest or dispute your/my (the principal’s title), which my brother did as to my medical service dog and violated the court order and as stated above, several provisions of the Georgia Code regulating the power of attorney/agent–principal relationship. Since my brother was an attorney at the time I executed the power of attorney, he was subject to Georgia State Bar Rule 1.15(I), which requires the attorney to safeguard and protect property, which my brother obviously did not by turning him over to a domestic violence shelter and traumatizing my dog.

In Summary, my brother while serving as my financial power of attorney while also a practicing attorney violated multiple provisions of the Georgia Agent/Principal code and one or more Georgia bar rules. The take away is that what my brother did in trying to prevent me from getting my medical service dog back by 1) concealing my dog and his whereabouts from me by turning him over to a domestic violence shelter, 2) swearing out an arrest warrant against me for calling him on the phone to question & discuss his actions, 3) taking out a temporary protective order against me for calling him to ask why he turned my dog over to a domestic violence shelter and 4) testifying against me to try and prevent me from getting my medical service dog back is abhorrent, malicious and highly unethical. This is not the first time that Ken Levine has acted unethically and has engaged in a similar pattern of morally bankrupt behavior over the years that demonstrates a complete and total lack of character, lack of integrity, lack of trustworthiness and lack of ethics.

Ultimately, he betrayed my trust and acted against me after I was in a vulnerable position. Ken Levine is just a bad person and cannot be trusted. I never would again and nor should you even to represent you in an immigration matter. The old saying, If it can happen to me, it can happen to you” applies here. Do not trust or hire Ken Levine to represent you as your lawyer in any legal matter whatsoever or you do so at your peril.


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