Dr.Vasileios Xeniadis Ph.D

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Email : info@sdgc.gr

Phone/Mobile No. : +86 14714319110

Website :https://sdgc.gr/

Location : Unit F, 16 Floor, Tower 11, Phase 2, 11 Ho Hing Circuit, Hong Kong.

Consumer Complaints and Reviews

SDGC group chairman is Fraud

February 14, 2022
1/5.00 reviews

Help, I’ve been scammed! I thought the only victims who “got taken” by fraudulent SDGC group scams were older folks. Sadly, I now know that even we young adults are more
prone to falling for scams than we think we are.

My money and my pride are gone for the moment, but fortunately, although I gave enough to wince at now that I know the truth, the amount won’t impact my life in a truly negative way. At least I now feel I’ve learned my lesson — the hard way. I’m writing to you to warn other teens and young adults to be very careful who they send money to these days. There are a lot of con artists out there, and some know the game they play all too well


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