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Walmart Incompetence Managers

March 16, 2022
1/5.00 reviews

I attempted to purchase beer at your Walmart — Madison BlvdMadison, AL on Mar 14, 2022. I am 74 years old and look it. Your young salesperson said she could not tell my age so I had to provide my papers or I could not buy beer. The only problem was I neglected to bring my papers. I ask her to get a manager hoping to find someone that can tell an elderly person from a 21-year-old. The manager came over and identified herself as the store manager. She said She was canceling the sale because I did not have proper paperwork with me. What’s next. Are we going to be required to provide our identity papers to buy eggs?

The store manager at Walmart — Madison BlvdMadison, AL has answered my question. If I was 100 years old and shriveled up, being pushed in a wheelchair, on oxygen. I would have to show my papers to purchase beer. With clever management like this it’s no wonder Walmart who was an outstanding company is collapsing under the weight of incompetence throughout its structure.


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