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Grocery Delivery Service Run-a-Round

February 15, 2021
1/5.00 reviews

I was so excited when I learned Walmart offered a trial membership to Walmart+. I was looking forward to checking out the free delivery service which was going to help me because I am disabled and it’s difficult to leave my house. I have been using Walmart’s Pickup Service for over two years and love it, but even that gets difficult to handle. I jumped on the chance to try Walmart+ to see if this would be something I would like to join and pay a monthly fee. It seems very reasonable, and if I can get my groceries delivered, I would be more than happy to budget the monthly expense. 

I used the delivery service the first time, January 23, 2021, and I spent $250, and specifically stated to put the groceries onto my enclosed porch, ring the video doorbell, then leave, and I would know they arrived. The driver left them on the sidewalk and they did not notify me. As I was wondering what was taking them so long; I received an email to give a review on the delivery service and rushed outside and saw the groceries sitting on the sidewalk in plain view where anyone could have walked off with them (see attached pic).

Despite the fact of that mishap, I gave it another go, and on February 10, at 3:35 pm, I put in an express order for $85. I had no problems paying the extra $10. Around 6 pm, when my groceries didn’t arrive, I became concerned, but I let it go because there was snow in the forecast and I know it can get busy. (I checked outside, though, to make sure groceries aren’t on the sidewalk.)

By 6:45 pm, I chatted with Luis, at, he said my groceries were on the way and he also emailed me and told me I would get a $10 refund on my express fee and to contact him if I didn’t receive my order soon. At 8:30 pm, still nothing, and I emailed Customer Service Representative, Rensen Jafe, who explained no one was picking answering at the store and she gave me a $10 promotional code which I would receive in a separate email (I never received it.)  

My husband and I got on speakerphone and called the local Walmart. It rang for about two minutes before someone picked up and we request to speak with the manager. Brenda, the manager of Walmart, on Plank Rd, Altoona, PA, finally gets on the line and I asked her about my delivery. She stated she has nothing to do with the home deliveries; we handle them thru a third-party company and does those. I asked her if she could help me out or advised me, and she abruptly replied no. She didn’t apologize for not being able to help us, obviously wanting to get us off the line, and doing her best not to be helpful. This is one reason I do pickup or home delivery because of people like her.  

I get online with customer service, and am told delivery service was closed and I would have to call back in the morning after 8 am, and reorder my groceries or I could just cancel and get a refund. I asked if I will get my groceries in the morning before noon and she replied yes. I also received an email from Gerrie Anne, Customer Care.

The following morning at 8:30 am, I reorder my groceries with Michelle, she said I would have them in a couple of hours. When I didn’t receive my groceries by 1 pm, I contacted customer service on chat and Ingrid said she would have to contact the store and would get back to me thru email and she offered to issue me a $10 adjustment on my order for the inconveniences that I encountered.
About 4:30 pm, I contacted Customer Service thru chat, and I asked for someone to call me. Juan called immediately. He tried to call the store to no avail; he could not get through as no one picked up. He felt it would be best to cancel the order and I would order my groceries from Martin’s Grocery Store.

Bottom line, I waited almost 24 hours on a 2-hour express order, which I had to cancel while Walmart kept telling me they were on the way. I’m handicapped both physically and mentally, as I have severe agoraphobia, anxiety, and back issues, and can’t leave my house. Something is inexcusably wrong with this treatment. I desperately needed those groceries and if Walmart can’t provide the service, then don’t advertise they can because people like me depend on these services. I would have figured something else out which I ended up doing but only having to suffer needlessly.

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